The UnMiracle: What Happens When God Shows Up

The UnMiracle: God makes bad things in the good. -- Arin

Based on true stories, The UnMiracle weaves a series of relationships around the accidental overdose of the local high school’s “it” party girl. Headlined by Kevin Sorbo and Stephen Baldwin, the film is written and directed by Andrew Papke, directed at the lessons that the young people involved must learn about who they are and what they’ve done.

When a party cycles out of control, the partygoers, their family members, and the police involved all become crucial elements in a story about decisions, grace, and the consequences of those actions. Dean AKA Dean-o (Connor Williams) has an addiction but he’s also an enabler; Mike (Daniel Fissmer) has PTSD but he also fails to accept the help that’s offered to him; Stilleto (Preston Bradley) deals drugs and doesn’t believe God cares about humans; Officer Robert Mackenzie (Brett Houdek) wants to do the right thing but faces pressure to be someone else.

But then there’s Arin (Will Restrepo), who is willing to do what no one else will do, whether it’s call 911 or share his belief about God with someone else. He’s the catalyst that leads to belief for some, even while The UnMiracle shows us that each person must find their own way back.

Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t real. -- Kayla

As the young woman lies comatose in the hospital, the individuals involved find themselves wrestling with their addiction, their impact on her overdose, and the ways that they can cover it up (or take responsibility). In the process, each of them must make choices about how they’ll deal, how they’ll move forward, how they’ll … overcome. Sometimes, it involves getting clean from drugs; sometimes, it involves forgiving someone else. None of the choices are easy, but they’re all necessary if the people want to move forward and find out who they’re meant to be.

While most of the stories in The UnMiracle find their way to harmony - and healing - there’s plenty of grittiness to remind us of the perils that show up in our lives. Whether it’s drugs, sex, or simply failing to act when we’re called to, we all have choices that we have to make. We can all find ourselves in situations where we feel stuck, and only God will provide us a way out. But in the truths revealed by the The UnMiracle, we need each other to find the road (or the way back to the road) because we can’t do it on our own.