The Pilgrim's Progress Launches New Scene Partnership for Full-length Animation Adaptation

Cat in the Mill Studios is producing a full-length, CGI adaptation of John Bunyan’s seminal work, The Pilgrim’s Progress. Considered by some to be second only to the Bible, the story has been translated into more than two hundred languages. But to make the film a reality, the filmmakers are getting "scene producers" through Kickstarter campaigns.

Steve Cleary, Executive Producer of The Pilgrim’s Progress CGI adaption, is on a journey to see the film translated visually for believers around the world. Cleary’s unique vision for the film means that is currently funded for twenty languages, and the latest update to John Bunyan’s story will be first made available to missionaries in the United States and abroad, and then delivered commercially.

The first two Kickstarter campaigns were a great success with over 1,300 backers! With the funds collected we have nearly completed the Swamp of Despondency scene, have finished a preliminary trailer, have nearly finished the scene where Christian first discovers the "Book", and are producing the scene with the Worldly Wiseman. We are now ready to animate the scene where Christian loses his burden!

When the weight of Christian's burden is at it's greatest he comes to a crossroads where he has to choose which path to take. The widening, lush PASSION PASSAGE or steep, treacherous PATIENCE PATH.

"...ponder the things you have learned that they may prod your sides and lead you to the place your heart so longs for...",

As Christian fights his way up the hill via PATIENCE PATH, the road narrows in on him and his burden becomes unbearable to carry. He needed to exchange that crushing weight of sin on his back for a redemption that he himself could not provide. Then Christian reaches a crucial moment in his life when he finally finds the redemption he hungered for. He sees light coming through the clouds ahead and the burden he has been carrying on his back is finally loosed from his shoulders where it rolls into a large cave as if buried in a tomb.

With the weight on his back finally gone, Christian celebrates his freedom, unaware that the journey ahead is a difficult one, and he has yet to face Apollyon!

You can help bring the impact of CGI Animation to one of the greatest stories of all time. The Pilgrim's Progress! With a 2018 release date, you can get involved in helping make the film a reality by becoming a "scene producer" and donating. For those inclined, the Kickstarter campaign awaits, but more than anything, Cleary hopes that people will pray for the film and those whose lives it touches.