The Champion of the Primary Division of the National Bible Bee Game Show Is...

In the final of the Primary Division of the National Bible Bee Game Show, three young men challenged themselves and each other with the 183 Bible passages and 700 verses they had memorized. In front of a panel including former pro athlete and entrepreneur David Benham, former Bible Bee Game Show winner Hannah Leary, and Living Waters Ministries president Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne, they worked to show what they had learned about the Bible in this week's episode. Initially, each of the contestants could earn points for buzzing in during Bible Knowledge Buzzer Round, choosing the correct multiple choice answer to questions before tackling memorization and trivia, as well as recitation of longer passages. On the line in this final episode of the season was the grand prize: $25,000.

This week, the contestants were:

Samuel Moss of Bells, TN, won the first week, edging out Rebecca. He reads books and chases his seventy-two chickens around the yard. He uses to help him memorize Scripture like his favorite verse, Acts 4:12, that tells him about how he’s been saved. His Biblical role model is David because of his bravery against Goliath and his modern-day hero is the martyr Jim Elliott. 

Adarsh Vadlapatla of Fayetteville, NC, plays board games and piano, and learns karate. He reviews the Scripture over and over to memorize it, like his favorite passage, Psalm 145, about God’s authority over creation. He hopes to serve in India when he’s older. 

Hudson Bontrager of Kalona, IA, uses repetition to memorize Scripture, like his verse, Isaiah 6:8. His brother, Mitchell, is his role model because he helps those in need, while Andrew is his favorite Biblical person because he brought people to Jesus. 

After initial questions like, “What is the name of the feast the Jews celebrate due to the events that happened in Esther?” which Hudson answered correctly, and then “In Isaiah 40:3, we read, “…make straight/smooth in the _____ a highway for God,” which Adarsh answered correctly (desert), the game was underway. Heading into the final question, Hudson held the lead but after answering the final question correctly, Adarsh walked away with the $25,000, leaving Hudson in second and Samuel in third.