Stephen Baldwin to Star as Murdered Missionary Graham Staines

Indian extremists murdered missionary Graham Staines in his family station wagon in 1999. Now, Stephen Baldwin will star in Skypass Entertainment’s The Least of These as the Australian Staines. 

Asleep in his car with his two young sons, Staines was mobbed and his car set afire by Hindu Bajrang Dal member Dara Singh, who would later be sentenced to life in prison for orchestrating the murder. The country would later honor Staines’ wife Gladys, who remained in India for five more years with their daughter, serving the poor and the lepers. 

"Graham cared for the lepers because he was caring for Christ," said Aneesh Daniel, the film's director. "Gladys forgave the accused because she was demonstrating that love. Simple yet complex."

The film will also star Shari Rigby (October Baby) as Gladys, winner of the Mother Teresa Memorial International Award and the Indian Padma Shree award, and Bollywood star Sharman Joshi as a journalist assigned to investigate whether Staines was illegally converting Hindus into Christians.

Skypass Entertainment, the entertainment arm of the travel, hotel, leisure, ticketing, and cruise company Skypass Group, has $6 million invested in the film which shot on location near Hyderabad, India. The company intends to release The Least of These in 2019 on the twentieth anniversary of the Staines.