National Bible Bee Game Show Week Six Recap

The sixth week of the National Bible Bee Game Show challenged four teenagers competing for a chance at $100,000. In the NBBGS, four teenagers compete each week for two spots to advance to the semi-finals beginning next week, in front of emcee Kirk Cameron and hosts Hannah Leary, Jason Benham, and David Benham, showing off some of the 850 verses that each of them memorized.

The Benham twins previously played minor league baseball in the St. Louis Cardinals farm system, published two books, Whatever the Cost and Living Among Lions, co-hosted Flip It Forward, and now run BENHAM Real Estate Group in Charlotte, NC. The two men bookended the third judge, last year’s National Bible Bee Game Show winner, Hannah Leary. Each teen represented their faith and Biblical knowledge in their interaction with the hosts, and in playing the game.

Here is a brief look at each of this week’s contestants:

Danika Puhek hails from Colorado Springs, CO, where she can look out of her bedroom window at Pike's Peak. She enjoys crocheting Amigurumi animals and playing the Celtic harp. Here favorite verses are Jeremiah 9:23-24. Her dad is her role model because he does God's will and is unafraid of people's opinion of him.

Nathaniel Schweitzer of Pittsburgh, PA, remembers his trip to Antelope Canyon, awed by the deep, woven rock crevice. He enjoys pizza and spaghetti, and finds himself challenged by the writing of Paul in I Thessalonians 2. His favorite verse is Colossians 3:17.

Natasha Bongioanni was born in Italy but now calls Germantown, MD, home. She enjoys making clothes and playing music. Moses is her Biblical role model, and Philippians 3 is her favorite set of Scripture. She hopes to one day lead Muslims and Jews to accept Jesus Christ into their hearts.

Noah Cassidy of Perkins, OK, already makes mini-films you can find on Youtube, but he hopes one day to make mainstream movies that glorify righteousness and point people back to God. He admires Ehud who was willing to go head-to-head with an evil empire in God's name, and finds wisdom in Proverbs 24:11-12. This is his fourth year competing.

This week's winners were Danika Puhek and Nathaniel Schweitzer.