National Bible Bee Game Show Primary Level Advances Two More Semi-Finalists

The fourth week of the first round of the Primary Level of the National Bible Bee Game Show ended with two contestants again running away from the competition. While neither of the two semi-finalists answered the opening questions about the nut that Aaron’s staff produced and who was walking with Abraham in Genesis 22:8, Grace Rasmussen and Ellia Pentimone advanced to the next round. 

In this opening round, four young people challenged themselves and each other with the 183 Bible passages and 700 verses they had memorized. In front of a panel including former pro athlete and entrepreneur David Benham, former Bible Bee Game Show winner Hannah Leary, and Living Waters Ministries president Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne, they worked to show what they had learned about the Bible in this week's episode. Initially, each of the contestants could earn points for buzzing in during Bible Knowledge Buzzer Round, choosing the correct multiple choice answer to questions before tackling memorization and trivia, as well as recitation of longer passages.

This week, the contestants were:

Philip Liu of San Jose, CA, lives close to the centers for Apple, Intel, Facebook, and Yahoo. He loves to use his imagination to build things with LEGO, empty paper boxes, pillows, blankets, or anything he can find around his house. Psalm 103 is his favorite passage because it shows the attributes of God. He hopes to encourage other children his age to pray together, and one day have a team of praying children. 

Ellia Pentimone of Kansas City, MO, enjoys reading and has a PHD (Parents Heather and Dan). Her favorite scripture is John 5:24 because it expresses real hope in Christ for eternal life. She admires Paul, because he trusted Jesus and set an example for how we should live. She dreams of getting married and being a mommy. 

Hudson Puhek of Colorado Springs, CO, builds LEGO and plays the piano. Born nearly three weeks early, Puhek puts the verses he must memorize to music, like his favorite set of Scripture, Ephesians 6:10-18. He wants to be a Godly dad and raise Godly children. His mentor is an older boy named Calvin who spends time with him. 

Grace Rasmussen of Marshalltown, IA, likes to read, craft, and play with her siblings. She has been reading since she was three and half, believing that memorization is her best talent. Romans 8:28 is her favorite verse, because it reminds her that God works for the good regardless of what happens.