My Daddy is in Heaven: The Grace to Grow

Becca Adams had everything she wanted: a loving husband and a beautiful, healthy child. But when her husband dies tragically on the Fourth of July, her world spirals out of control. She finds her faith and priorities tested to the point of breaking, and sees no way forward. But even in the midst of her darkness, Adams finds that God is still the God of mercy. 

In My Daddy is in Heaven, Adams’ story ends up on DVD, Digital, and On Demand. Here, Jenn Gotzon Chandler plays Adams, while Corbin Bensen plays her father, as the story unfolds. Adams finds herself unable to handle the pain and suffering she experiences after her husband’s death, drops her daughter off with her father, and reconnects with an old friend. Drinking, dancing, and ignoring the pain are the main things on her daily menu. She has officially chosen to ignore her responsibilities, or any way forward.

Mostly, because she believes God has turned His back on her. 

Based on Rebecca Crownover’s award-winning book, My Daddy Is in Heaven With Jesus, which she wrote to help children dealing with grief and loss, the film shows how Adams, her father, and her daughter dealt with her husband’s death, and rediscovered faith. It’s painful to watch Adams struggle and make bad decisions that compound her suffering, but the signposts that will allow her to return to a place of healing are evident. 

There’s the homeless man who holds a sign proclaiming God’s mercy.

There’s the way her dad refuses to give up on her. 

There’s the encounter on a bus, a life and death situation, where another passenger’s faith shows that God is moving in the world. 

My Daddy is in Heaven is really Adams’ story, not her daughter’s. But it’s a reminder, regardless of what you’ve lost and what you’re suffering, that God is not far from you. In fact, God has never left you after all.