Kevin and Sam Sorbo Share Their Vision for Let There Be Light

Between the two of them, Kevin and Sam Sorbo have a long line of successes, from the long-running Hercules: The Legendary Journey, Andromeda, and God’s Not Dead (Kevin) to biomedical engineer studies, modeling, and a nationally-syndicated radio show (Sam) to the three children they have raised together. Now, the two of them are delivering a new film that they have written, directed, and starred in called Let There Be Light. With a strong desire to show the power of family, forgiveness, and faith, the two take aim at what they believe ails our country.

After meeting on the set of Hercules, the two married in the late 1990s, but they’re working together now, because they joked, “it’s the only way we’ll see each other.” In truth, the story struck Sam one day, and she ended up considering, “What would happen if the greatest atheist in the world had an epiphany of the truth? His whole world would be shattered and he’d have to consider everything he believed.”

Working with Dan Gordon (The Hurricane, Wyatt Earp), Sam began crafting the story, while Kevin answered a phone call from Sean Hannity, who “called him out of the blue,” looking for a faith-based story to produce. Together, they crafted a story about fatherhood, a divided society looking for answers in the wrong places, and the morality required to set society straight. 

“It’s important for us to understand that in society we have incompatible, disagreeing worldviews,” Sam proposed. “One says that life matters and you have to stand for something. That you have to speak up to bullies like Harvey Weinstein [a Hollywood insider, recently accused of sexual misconduct], even when no one wanted to speak up. The other one says that everything that happens, happens by chance, and there’s no meaning.”

Let There Be Light sets out to show that there’s purpose and meaning, filling the screen with images of hope and forgiveness. Sam says that’s because the only hope that anyone can really cling to is the hope in Jesus Christ as Savior. The Sorbos believe that more people need to be told about Jesus, so that they can understand forgiveness.

“No one is irredeemable,” the writer/star began, growing in emphasis. “No one is beyond redemption. I’m not willing to write off anyone. I’m hoping that is the story that people will see.”

“People are afraid to invite people to church, but they’re not afraid to invite them to a movie. We hope that the film will at least grow the idea of hope in a dark world, with fear and darkness. We must push back with the light, against society and against Hollywood.”

The Sorbos know that without the audience’s buy-in, the film won’t have the reach it needs. In fact, they need audiences to pre-buy tickets, to call up theaters and ask them to screen the film. Kevin says that people have been stopping him in airports to ask him about making more Christian films, and now have the opportunity to back it up by seeing the film. 

It’s their hope that forgiveness will exude off of the screen, that when audiences go, they’ll be moved. It’s clear in the way they show their characters, a confirmed atheist speaker and his ex-wife, learning to relate to each other after Kevin’s alcoholic character finds his world crashing down. 

“Forgiveness is hard, but we all need forgiveness,” Sam shared, telling stories from her time interviewing survivors of the Nazi movement and sharing time with Chris Williams, the subject of Just Let Go. “It’s becoming harder to forgive, and we want to move the needle with our film to show people that they can forgive.”

“If we can’t forgive others, how can we forgive ourselves?”

Let There Be Light hopes to challenge your worldview, about creation, and purpose, and ultimately, forgiveness.