Gospel Films Direct Brings Classic Films To New Audiences

Gospel Films Direct has re-released thirty-four classic Christian films at a great value. You can rent any of the movies for .99 or purchase them for $1.99. Featuring films from the early decades of movie making, these films will provide a classic look at Christianity through a variety of angles including animated, documentary, and dramatic films.

Africa and Schweitzer (1961) is a little known documentary about the famous doctor and missionary to Africa, photographed in the Belgian Congo by Sven Nykvist, Ingmar Bergman's famed Academy Award winning cinematographer.

The Gospel Blimp (1967) is the film adaptation of Christian author Joseph Bayly's popular satire, is a sly indictment of non-personal evangelism. The film chronicles the wild idea by a group of Christian neighbors, pondering how best to reach people with the Gospel, to buy a full-blown blimp and spread the Gospel from on high.

This is the Life TV Double Feature ( 1950s ) features two episodes from the series, "Under His Wing" (1955), about baseball and faith, and "The Little Lie that Grew" (1953), about nine-year-old Freddie's life that gets out of control.

Films in other packs include:

Cathedral Films’ The Great Commandment (1939) tells the story of a Jewish Zealot who meets Jesus and learns how to love his enemy through a film that was first released independently and then picked up for wide release by 20th Century Fox.

Reaching From Heaven (1947) tells the story of a congregation who must determine what following Jesus means for them as an injured widower struggles to raise his daughter alone.

Three Nativity Films for Children is the collection includes the three animated Star of Bethlehem (1956), When the Littles Camel Knelt (1958), and God’s Christmas Gift (1958).

Korea: Crossroads of Destiny (1953) is a documentary that details how Koreans turned to Jesus in the aftermath of 1953 war-torn Korea.

Crossroads (1956) shares two features from the distinguished television show. In Ringside Padre, Michael Landon stars as a boxer; in God’s Healing, Vincent Price stars as a priest.

Almost Neighbors (1965) tells a fictional story about a couple struggling to make sense of violence that impacts their family amidst a race riot.

I Don’t Want to Get Involved (1965) follows news reporter Clete Roberts as he hosts a compelling exploration of the cold-blooded 1964 public murder of Kitty Genovese, while thirty-eight of her neighbors watched and did nothing. From a Christian perspective, Roberts evaluates what it means for society and the church when neighbors do nothing to save each other.

Several of the other titles are:

Again Pioneers (1950)
Greatest Gift (1950)
Lincoln Speaks for Himself (1955)
What Price Freedom (1955)
Tongues of Fire (1956)
Charlie Churchman and the Teenage Masquerade (1967)

For a complete list, search “Gospel Films Direct” in the Christian Cinema database.