Dr. Mully Shares the Story of His Life on Film

Dr. Charles Mully, is one of the most respected humanitarians, multi-millionaire business owner, and educator on the continent of Africa. Called the “Father of the World's Largest Family” with over twelve thousand kids, Mully was abandoned as a six-year-old child and survived to become an entrepreneur who rescues orphaned children. On October 3, 4, and 5, the film will run in select theaters as a Fathom Event, preceding a panel discussion about Mully's life and work. Just days before his story airs on screen, Mully shares his thoughts with Christian Cinema. 

What was it like seeing your story play out on screen? 
It was great seeing my story played out on screen. I see it as a powerful tool to impact the world on service delivery to human beings.
What is your favorite scene or interview in the film?
My favorite scene or interview in the film is when my uncle chased me away, the moment I met Esther on the farm and the rescue of children at night.

How did it make you feel hearing your children share publicly about what they think of your life and work?
I was fascinated by their words of expression and their truthfulness . They spoke from deep in their hearts.

What was most surprising about having people interview you and make a movie about your life?
The most surprising thing about having people interview me and make a movie about my life was seeing the repetition of questions from interviewers and how the outcome would look for each story. Their questions left me without hidden words in my heart, I responded with a clear heart and mind full of clarity.

What's something you learned from your experience that you wish you could go back and share with your younger self?
Something I learned from my experience that I wish I could go back and share with my younger self is patience, but I believe I did the best that I could accomplish as a young person. It is what I have not accomplished that bothers me, saving the lives of children and young adults. 

What role does faith play in your decisions to welcome in orphans?
Faith has played a double role in my decisions to welcome orphans in my family. Love has been the greatest instrument in changing the lives of each and every child. 

How do you balance the care for all of the children you've adopted and your children by blood, your wife, etc.?
It is hard to explain how I balance the care for all of the children I have adopted and my biological children. I am a man of principle, full of love and humility without discrimination led by God’s spirit, providing equal rights and justice for everyone within the family. 

What do you hope audiences see from your life? What do you think the film could inspire in them?
I hope the audiences see hope, faith, humility, sacrifice and total surrender from my life. The film could inspire the audience to take action by releasing themselves to start supporting the poor people in their communities and everywhere in the world. It will motivate them to take a step of faith in forgiving their enemies and loves ones who have wronged them. The will be inspired for good!!

How do you think the movie will impact your ministry?
The movie will impact my ministry by having several people around the world visiting us for various reasons. It will motivate people wanting to replicate my model in their own countries. A few people may be motivated to pray and give their financial support towards several projects that are in great need.

Mully is produced and directed by award-winning actor/director Scott Haze. Executive Producers include Academy Award-winning producer James Moll, John Bardis, and Paul Blavin, alongside producers Lukas Behnken of Sterling Light Productions, and Elissa Shay. Golden Globe and Emmy Award®-nominee Benjamin Wallfisch (Atonement, 12 Years A Slave) composed the feature’s powerful musical score. Tickets and more information are available at FathomEvents.com.