David Gyasi Shares on His Faith, Film and Television Projects, and More

On an overcast night in the Czech Republic’s capital, David Gyasi catches a late hotel dinner, overlooking a stone Prague bridge. While commuters flash across the bridge in different shaped cars, and a boat passes by underneath, the various stories of these individuals fascinate the native of London. It’s the sheer possibilities of each person’s story that brings a flash of excitement to his eyes, notwithstanding the long days filming the second season of Amazon Prime’s Carnival Row.

Gyasi’s early years were spent on the soccer pitch, pantomiming the moves of Liverpool FC great John Barnes while his father looked on. With the love of European football in his blood, as the Gyasi extended family represented Ghana internationally and breaking into various levels of professional play, football became the place where Gyasi could see how the power of spirit could overcome deeply ingrained racism that was evident in London. Beyond instilling a deep love of the Reds, it was also one of the major areas where his family’s influence reigned, as his father’s eyes for spectacular play was passed down to his son, who saw the Jamaican-born Barnes endure tossed bananas and hurled epithets while dominating with strength and panache.

Thirty years later, the other major element of Gyasi’s upbringing is evident as well, in the fluid way that his faith permeates each portion of his musings on sport, art, and life. While he did not break through the professional levels kicking a white sphere from one end of the pitch to the other, or learn how to stitch together human beings on an operating table, or study at seminary to become a preacher of the gospel, Gyasi’s examination of life reaches deep down into the DNA of faith.

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