Watch the best in Christian film whenever, wherever, on all of your favorite devices. With the latest round of development, we’re proud to inform you that Christian Cinema is now on all of the following devices:

Available for Amazon Fire TV, Tablet, and Android, you can now stream and access Christian movies on a growing number of devices and systems. Christian Cinema’s digital platform already serves thousands of Christian and family movies for instant streaming online, as well as all Apple/iOS and Roku devices making the market leader in transactional video on demand.

“We are excited to extend our comprehensive film selection and world-class digital platform to customers who use a device powered by Amazon Fire,” said Bobby Downes, Founder and CEO of Christian Cinema. “The audience for filmmakers and distributors continues to grow exponentially as films become available on more and more devices. It is no secret that DVD and brick and mortar retail is in decline, but consumers of faith and family content is on the rise. More content is being consumed digitally by Christian consumers than ever before in history.”

“There has been a strong growing appetite for faith-based content amongst the industry, retailers, distributors and most importantly consumers.” says Jared Geesey, Vice President of Christian Cinema.

“We're committed to consumer access wherever you are with the Christian Cinema app ecosystem now spanning 7 platforms across hundreds of devices that we now support, with continued feature growth across those devices,” added Geesey.