It's Time For The 3rd Annual Christian Cinema MOVIE MADNESS!

What will you be doing this March, watching basketball games or madly voting for your favorite Christian movie each week? Back by popular demand, Christian Cinema announces its third annual Christian Movie Madness competition!

Avid fans will be texting and tweeting their friends to vote, families will binge-watch movie trailers in preparation, and party-lovers will rush to the stores for chips and queso every Thursday as bracket winners are announced. And while we may be exaggerating (a little), we DO expect to see a shockingly high number of votes as in years past. So, how can you help move the top films along to the winner’s spot?

The competition is based on number of votes, so it falls to YOU, fans and filmmakers, to help the best films advance. Though viewers may not have seen every movie in the running, each film’s trailer will be available during the (sometimes grueling) process of deciding which movie is better than another. Anyone can vote in the Christian Movie Madness contest by visiting Besides discovering great new Christian movies and helping others to do the same, every voter receives a free movie rental code to use at

Jared Geesey, Vice President of Christian Cinema, noted, “Christian movie madness is all about fun and discovering new movies. If you are already a fan, you can vote your favorites deeper into the tournament. But if a film is unfamiliar, watch the trailer and pick a winner! May the best film win!”

The third year of Christian Movie Madness features blockbusters such as Hacksaw Ridge, Miracles From Heaven, and Providence. The competition will also feature excellent but lesser known films like The Unknowns, Shooting the Prodigal, and The Fight Within. Everyone from Mel Gibson and Jennifer Garner to actors in the role of Passenger #5 will be breaking out their phones to vote, so join the fun!

“Last year, Tim Mahoney and the Patterns of Evidence team rallied their fans to a big win using social media,” said Bobby Downes, President and co-founder of “We’re excited to offer this stage to filmmakers - not only highlighting this year’s films, but to give filmmakers a chance to build their fanbase."

For your party-planning purposes, the schedule for the rounds is as follows:

  • Round of 32: March 6 to March 19,

  • Round of 16: March 20 to March 26,

  • Round of 8: March 27 to April 2,

  • Round of 4: April 3 to April 9

  • Final Round: April 10 to April 16.

This year’s bracket is broken into four, eight-team brackets, which you can download here.

But if you’d like a sneak peek…

In the True Stories bracket:

  • Hacksaw Ridge vs. King’s Faith

  • Greater vs. Unlimited

  • The Young Messiah vs. I am Potential

  • Risen vs. Ben-Hur

In the Historical bracket:

  • Alone Yet Not Alone vs. Chonda Pierce: Laughing in the Dark

  • I’m Not Ashamed vs. To Joey, With Love

  • Hillsong: Let Hope Rise vs. Queen of Katwe

  • Miracles from Heaven vs. The Unknowns

In the Parables bracket:

  • Providence vs. New Life

  • The Fight Within vs. Wildflower

  • Remember the Goal vs. Yellow Day

  • Priceless vs. Elevator to Salvation

In the Ministry bracket:

  • God’s Not Dead 2 vs. Alison’s Choice

  • Shooting the Prodigal vs. Voiceless

  • Resurrection of Gavin Stone vs. 40 Nights

  • Caged No More vs. The Secret Handshake

Join the fun and festivities as you (your friends, your family, extended family, and random people you meet at the coffee shop) rally behind your favorite films this year!

May the best film win!