Chonda Pierce Says We Must Tell Our Stories

Chonda Pierce is an engaging, hyper, thoughtful woman who has been through more tragedies than any one person should have to overcome. But the beauty of Pierce’s personality ties together the way she has used humor and faith to wade through the darker waters in hopes that she might lighten someone else’s burden by telling her story.

“I’d give anything to have a different story!” Pierce reflected, just before the holidays. “Maybe winning the Olympics, or finding out I had a superpower. But this is my story, and I have strong belief in not wasting your story.”

Pierce knows she is not the only one to suffer loss or rejection, but she says that God wants us to share our stories as part of the healing process. This, she knows, helps us learn through watching each other’s stories, the things we may have done wrong or may have done right.

In her latest film, Enough, Pierce explores the highs and lows of life as she has for decades, but after Laughing in the Dark, this is even more a question of community and how faith works through those sadnesses.

“The most surprising responses to the film have been about how many people struggle with their loss of connection to a child,” Pierce reflected. “Mothers are coming out of the woodwork to tell me stories about children who have backed away from their family.”

Pierce continues to grieve and longing to be in relationship with those who she’s estranged from. She says that it takes “great patience and waiting on the Lord.” As she reflects, she compares it to Paul’s thorn in the flesh that kept him close to God. The holidays often prove to be long, but that allows her to concentrate on God’s timing.

Aiming at some time for good rest over the winter, Pierce was retiring to her cabin in the woods. She keeps threatening to retire, but the power of her story and the way it impacts others keeps drawing her back.

For more of Pierce’s story, check out Enough.