Catherine Chen Leads the Field in the Junior Division of the National Bible Bee Game Show

Do you know how to spell Nebuchadnezzar? Thankfully, the four semi-finalists in the third semi-final of the Junior Division of the National Bible Bee Game Show didn’t need to spell the old king’s name. But they did open the first round of this week’s game needing to know who Nebuchadnezzar had been given victory over by God - and then flip to their New Testament knowledge to answer a question about Paul’s understanding of righteousness.

In another incredibly dominant round, Catherine Chen advanced to the finals with a thousand point cushion over her next closest competitor.

In the semi-finals round of the Junior level of the National Bible Bee Game Show, four young people challenged themselves and each other with the 183 Bible passages and 700 verses they had memorized. In front of a panel including former pro athlete and entrepreneur Jason Benham, former Bible Bee Game Show winner Hannah Leary, and Living Waters Ministries president Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne, they worked to show what they had learned about the Bible in this week's episode. Initially, each of the contestants could earn points for buzzing in during Bible Knowledge Buzzer Round, choosing the correct multiple choice answer to questions before tackling memorization and trivia, as well as recitation of longer passages. Only one semi-finalist would advance from this round.

In a surprising twist, Jason Benham taught contestant Seth Turack a different (and more difficult) push-up routine but couldn’t wear Turack down!

This week, the contestants were:

Christa Miller of Fairbanks, AL, plays viola in her family’s string quartet, and loves climbing with or without a horse. Her favorite verse is Proverbs 18:10 because it helps her remember she can run to God when she needs help with a problem. She hopes to do mission on a ranch with horses to help disabled people.

Victoria Hoverson of Burlington, ND, makes soaps, candles, and deodorant, as well as practicing her drawing skills. Her favorite verse is Romans 5:8 because it shows God’s amazing love for us in spite of our sin. She longs to be a missionary overseas, paving the way for God just like her hero, John the Baptist, paved the way for Jesus.

Seth Turack of Griswold, IA, designs websites and longs to witness to his friends who don’t know Jesus. His favorite verse is Isaiah 40:31 because it reminds him that no matter what is happening, God will renew his strength when he waits on God. One of his favorite memories was seeing the film Woodlawn with players from his football team.

Catherine Chen of Villa Park, CA, enjoys teaching her siblings math, geography, and history, or dancing to the students she ministers to in Asia. Her favorite verse is I Timothy 6:12 because it reminds her to trust in God and to continue persevering. Her favorite person from the Bible is David because of the many lessons he learned through his journey.