A Journey Home
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A Journey Home

2005  NR  44

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Average Member Rating: 4 Stars Rating

5 Stars- Elaine Harris C/o Stark And S
The movie was great. Our Bible Study group at work watched it and it was very inspiring. When God truly changes you, nothing is impossible for you to accomplish because your steps are ordered by the Lord.

5 Stars- Rachael H
Excellent! This is a story of born again Jewish believers. They don't mention Jesus until closer to the end but that is probably due to editing and for the audience. But they are not just Jewish who believe in God the Father only. I was thankful to learn they believe in our Savior Jesus Christ. What a powerful story.

1 Stars- Crystal L
I liked the filming in this documentary, but I didn't really get an understanding of the family. I didn't get to know the kids and their lives. When they left all to move to Isreal, there was no explaination of their plan or goal? It need more I think.

5 Stars- Crystal B
Wonderful example of a father leading his family and a wife that helps him in his goals. The children are wonderful and happy. I just wish there was another with more information on the family and updates.

2 Stars- Teej K
The family in this movie is very zealous, and has sacrificed many things . . but only once did I hear the name of Jesus mentioned. Most of the religious aspects of the movie was focused on the Old Testament mentality or Jewish customs, of which Hebrews and Galatians tell us that Jesus fulfilled. So I thought the doctrine presented in the movie, while given sincerely, seemed to have very little to do with Jesus.

4 Stars- Torine O
My family and I have been wrestleing with the notion of living a simplier life. The distractions of carreers, education, sports etc. are really affecting our walk with Christ. This movie has affirmed what God would like us to do. I would highly recommend this movie.

5 Stars- Tl A
A family with the correct understanding of God first, family second. The values lived in this story are the ones that last. Such values cannot be replaced with work aholic parents and little time with the family. We thought it may turn out to be some weird cult thing, but were pleasantly surprised to see it was straight forword with nothing suspicious. If you value your relationship with the Lord and family, with a heart for Israel included, you will love this film.

5 Stars- Peggy O
Wow! How do I describe this picture? I enjoyed it so much I watched it twice. I like how it shows you that regular folks like us CAN learn to live simply, in a completely sustainable life style. I also like their connection to God and their willingness to follow wherever He leads...no questions asked.