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In Theaters Tuesday, 10/20/20


Every Family Has A Hero

Colt Lifestone is a typical senior who is working on becoming a pilot. His life is changed after a CIA operation goes wrong and his mom, who is an undercover agent, goes missing. He is taken to a safe house and placed under the watch of another agent for immediate protection. While under their watch, Colt covertly works on putting the pieces together to find his mother. Though he was not aware that his parents were undercover CIA agents before all this, Colt must now face the reality that his life will never be the same. During his time at the safe house he becomes friends with a girl from school named Alice Jones who he attempts to recruit in his quest to find his mom. Skydog is a family film that stars Daniel Knudsen (Christmas Coupon), Vickie Lynn Smith (Courageous Love) and Superman actor, Dean Cain (Lois & Clark).

In a theater near you beginning Tuesday 20 October, 2020.

Skydog Details:

MPAA Rating: G
Closed Captions: No
Produced By: Kristina Kaylen
Directed By: Daniel Knudsen
Theatrical Release Date: Tuesday 20 October, 2020


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