Love Comes Softly Complete 10 Disc Collection
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Love Comes Softly Complete 10 Disc Collection


Enjoy Janette Oke's saga of the Davis family as they find love and build strong families on the American Prairies.

Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the original "Love Comes Softly" movie by reliving your favorite moments from the most-inspirational film series of the past decade with a new 10-Disc DVD set. Over 18 hours of beloved, heartwarming movies provides more value than ever! Each of the 10 movies are inspired by the best-selling book series from Janette Oke and include an all-star cast including: Katherine Heigl, Lou Diamond Philips, January Jones, Cheryl Ladd and many more.

Marty and Clark Davis started married life as strangers in a marriage of convenience. Their individual tragedies forced them together, but love soon blossomed in their hearts. Their committed love is an example to generations of their family who grow up, find romance, and build their own prairie families.

As their children and children's children become adults, follow their classic stories of romance, drama, joy and faith. Pioneers not just in the new land, but in their professions, they carry on the tradition of strong families with strong beliefs central to the heart of their stories. Janette Oke's classic tales translate beautifully to film and contain messages of hope for all ages.


***Love Comes Softly
Loves Enduring Promise
Loves Long Journey
***Loves Abiding Joy
Loves Unending Legacy
Loves Unfolding Dream
Love Takes Wing
Love Finds a Home
Love Begins
Love’s Everlasting Courage

***Some DVDs are not labeled but have the movie title on the inner ring - this was done intentionally by the manufacturer and is not a defect.


Love Comes Softly Complete 10 Disc Collection Details:

MPAA Rating: NR
Format: DVD Region 1  What's a Region Code?
Closed Captions: No
Languages: English
Product Release Date:
Length/Run Time: 1080 minutes
UPC/ISBN Number: 024543841319

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Latest Reviews for Love Comes Softly Complete 10 Disc Collection

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5 of 5 Stars! Love Comes Softly Complete 10 Disc Collection - DVDEarner H, 05/19/2017
I have All of them I save them to look at most of the time when there noting to look on TV . I love look at them.
5 of 5 Stars! Love Comes Softly Complete 10 Disc Collection - DVDTravis C, 03/22/2017
This show is awesome. I have seen teh first five before and love watching them again. Can\'t wait to watch the last five. It will bring you tears, laughter and makes you feel like you are there with them. A must for every library.
5 of 5 Stars! Love Comes Softly Complete 10 Disc Collection - DVDFrancesca T, 11/30/2016
I love all these stories. Both the books and the movies are wonderful. I cannot wait to share both with my granddaughter!
5 of 5 Stars! Love Comes Softly Complete 10 Disc Collection - DVDAudrey C, 10/22/2016
OMG, I love these DVD\'s, I watch the movies all the time on Hallmark, I even DVR them so I could watch them whenever I wanted, which is everyday!. I was so excited to get the full 10 DVD series for next to nothing. The quality was perfect. Worth much more than the asking price. I could not wait order a set for my best friend. She loves the \"Love Comes Softly series too. I can\'t wait to order more faith like DVD\'s.

Do you have the Christmas one?

God bless!
5 of 5 Stars! Love Comes Softly Complete 10 Disc Collection - DVDKenneth L, 10/18/2016
I was adopted at 21 months and was fortunate to be raised a Christian with unending and unconditional love. This series reminds me of the love and values my parents so lovingly bestowed upon me. Rather than being raised as an only child, my parents (and I) opened our hearts and our home to foster children (some 75 children over a period of some 14 years) whom I still consider my brothers and sisters, although we have lost touch with each other over these last years as I am now 71 years old.
This Movie Series brings to my mind, the kind of values and love I was so fortunate to have in my life and makes me realize what is missing in our society today.
You see, I have a theory of child raising. God plants of the seed of love inside each of us upon conception, but weather that love grows is up to our parents (with God\'s help and guidance to nourish that love and make it grow so we become the person that God wants each of us to be. Neither one of my parents were able to complete high school but the love they had in their hearts was better than what any schooling could teach..
We went to church every week and when I was not in school or helping at home, I was at some type of youth and/or some of the adult functions at our church. This movie series reemphasizes the importance of religious and family values and bonds. Our society needs to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n and bring the family back together as it once was. The family that eats together, plays together, and prays together is strong and endures all hardships in life!
4 of 5 Stars! Love Comes Softly Complete 10 Disc Collection - DVDCathy F, 10/15/2016
I love this series. And this disc collection is perfect for my library.
5 of 5 Stars! Love Comes Softly Complete 10 Disc Collection - DVDPadre Gregory C, 05/25/2016
Good collection of family oriented films with strong faith background appropriate for most religions. Children under 13 should watch with a parent to explain any questions they might have.

On a scale on 1 - 10 : I would rate it as 8.5 for school age children.

For overall score factoring in entertaining, theme of movie, compatibility for ALL family members. Add in quality of product and value for the dollar

I would rate it a 13 on a scale of 1 - 10.

I enjoyed my set so much that I have decided to get everyone in my family an \"early\" Christmas Gift. Will be ordering as soon as I can locate all the addresses.

Thank you Christian Cinema for making it so easy to get the entire series and at a price more than half off what I had expected to pay.
5 of 5 Stars! Love Comes Softly Complete 10 Disc Collection - DVDDeborah P, 04/16/2016
So thankful I was able to find these series I have watched them on TV. They are great movies I enjoy watching them over and over.
All of you are great.
God Bless!!!
5 of 5 Stars! Love Comes Softly Complete 10 Disc Collection - DVDSarah Q, 12/29/2015
Both Michael Landon jr and his dad make some of the best ever series including when calls th heart,love comes softly and Little house on the prarie! Another great watch for anyone who enjoys these series is the one and one dr. Quinn medicine woman series!!!! Dadadada!
5 of 5 Stars! Love Comes Softly Complete 10 Disc Collection - DVDCamilla C, 11/27/2015
This is the best love Christian movie that I have witness. I watch this series every Friday night, because of my Religious conviction, I don't watch television so I put on this DVD collection. Sometimes they lull me to sleep, but most time they play all night long. I really enjoy them, and they couldn't have produce a better movie than this. Of course I rearrange the DVD, for what I felt the order of the movie should be, and it works (from the beginning to end). Thank you very much to those who made this possible.
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Love Comes Softly Complete 10 Disc Collection
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