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The koala wonder from down under

When the evil Maxine Happy (Joan Collins) hears a take of a miraculous talking koala in the Australian outback, she dispatches two bumbling henchmen to "koala-nap" the wondrous creature and bring him to America. Once they nab the buddy critter, the two goons settle down for the long flight back to the U.S.

However with the help of two fellow passengers, Justin (Spencer Breslin) and his mom (Rachel Hunter), and a realistic-looking koala, Ozzie gives his captors the slip. But soon the crafty crooks are hot on their heels again, and Justin is in a race to get his new best friend, Ozzie, back to Australia.

Ozzie Details:

Format: DVD - Region 1 Widescreen  What's a Region Code?
Closed Captions: No
Languages: English
Length/Run Time: 87 minutes
UPC/ISBN Number: 018713542120
Public Performance Rights: GT Media

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4 of 5 Stars! Ozzie - DVDHeidi H, 08/03/2012
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