Louie Giglio: Indescribable
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Louie Giglio: Indescribable


A full-length message on DVD from Passion founder Louie Giglio recorded on the Passion tour

Indescribable (Passion Talk Series)
The heavens are telling glory of God, and their expanse the work of His hands. Night after night they remind us of just how small we are, and how huge God is. Looking out into the far reaches of the universe, we find a seemingly vast expanse of mystery and wonder, intricately fashioned by a God of unfathomable size and power. Just a glimpse of one of the billions of visible galaxies He has formed resizes us, shrinking us, and the world we call home, to seeming insignificance in an instant. But as tiny as we may seem, the God who knows every star by name also knows yours, and mine. And in the most stunning rescue imaginable, God sent His son to this spinning planet we call home – the Creator reconnecting us to Himself with life that never ends. Indescribable takes us on an image-rich journey through the cosmos, allowing us to peer into God’s universe to discover the amazing magnitude of His greatness and grace.

About Louie Giglio and The Passion Talk Series 
The Passion Talk Series features hours of compelling content from Passion Founder, Louie Giglio. The collection of talks has been experienced by millions around the world, and each talk tells a meaningful story of God's goodness, grace & love. This series includes six full length talks which will inspire, encourage & speak to God's grace & truth. 

These messages are being used by small groups, life groups, and churches, as well as among friends & family members around the world. Many have been impacted by the stories, images and powerful messages captured in each of the talks. 

The Passion Movement and the messages of founder Louie Giglio have marked the lives of millions of people around the globe, calling people everywhere to live for the glory of God. Focused on the collegiate age group - yet spilling over to people of all ages - Passion exists to unite students for spiritual awakening in this generation. From its inception, the movement of Passion has birthed new anthems of worship, influencing countless churches and helping to define the current worship climate and establish artists Chris Tomlin, David Crowder*Band, Charlie Hall, Matt Redman, Christy Nockels, Kristian Stanfill and others. Louie is the pastor and founder of Passion City Church in Atlanta, GA.

Louie Giglio: Indescribable Details:

MPAA Rating: NR
Format: DVD Region 0  What's a Region Code?
Closed Captions: No
Languages: Audio: in English
Subtitles: in English, Spanish, Portuguese French, Russian, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Traditional Mandarin, Simplified Indonesian, Tagalog
Product Release Date:
Length/Run Time: 48 minutes
UPC/ISBN Number: 5099967949953
Public Performance Rights: Chordant / EMI

Indescribable - DVD 
Indescribable - DVD

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Latest Reviews for Louie Giglio: Indescribable

4 of 5 Stars! Louie Giglio: Indescribable - DVDMilton K, 01/14/2012
(no written review given)
5 of 5 Stars! Louie Giglio: Indescribable - DVDTania A, 12/09/2011
Another amazing teaching. It really helps you understand what God does when you accept Christ as your Lord and Savior.
5 of 5 Stars! Louie Giglio: Indescribable - DVDDonnalynn S, 11/07/2011
God's Creation - Indescribable. How tiny we are, How Immense God is - And my jaw drops further fully knowing that very God Love's Me. I was completely speechless watching this. I can't even write a review, The English Language fails description.
5 of 5 Stars! Louie Giglio: Indescribable - DVDBeverly S, 01/09/2011
I saw this movie at church and was amazed at the pictures taken in space and the message Louie had for everyone. I ordered this movie for my home church. Keep up the good work and the Lord bless you in your endeavors. I give this movie 5 stars.
5 of 5 Stars! Louie Giglio: Indescribable - DVDMichael C, 09/12/2010
Our pastor showed this DVD at church tonight and several of us decided to order it and use it as a witnessing tool. It helps you put things in perspective to see just how big God is and just how small we are.
5 of 5 Stars! Louie Giglio: Indescribable - DVDIrene G, 02/24/2010
Definitely a must see. Giglio works imagery, photographs and music together to produce a profound and intelligent commentary on God's indescribable works. This is a DVD that can be used not only in the home setting as entertainment, but in an adult, high school or middle school presentation. Giglio's main skill is his ability to capture the exquisite beauty of his subject and carry it over to the DVD format. This is not boring astronomy but God's work and words masterfully blended together.
5 of 5 Stars! Louie Giglio: Indescribable - DVDMarilyn S, 12/17/2008
This is a fantastic DVD! Our grandchildren watched it with us and I was afraid they might find it over their heads and get bored with it, but my 13 year old grandson said it was the best movie he'd ever seen! and the others, who were younger, really enjoyed it. I'm sure what they learned will remain in their memories for the rest of their lives.
5 of 5 Stars! Louie Giglio: Indescribable - DVDGlenn J, 07/21/2008
Just saw the second half of "Indescribable" at church tonight, and was awed and inspired. I have always been interested in astronomy since I was a kid growing up in St.Pete, Fl. But I must say, I was moved without a doubt as to the greatness of my Lord after watching this DVD. Anyone who says there is no God has to be a fool. The thing I kept thinking about all through the movie was singing "How Great Thou Art" when it was done! And we did.
5 of 5 Stars! Louie Giglio: Indescribable - DVDDaniel E, 06/05/2008
This DVD was awesome! Louie had a way of making the "bigness" of God seem easier to imagine. His knowledge of the universe is amazing. We saw him do the same show when we saw Chris Tomlin in concert this last year and it was truly amazing. I recomment that every Christian who has a chance to view this DVD, make it happen. It is so well worth it.
5 of 5 Stars! Louie Giglio: Indescribable - DVDNita R, 04/05/2008
This is a very good CD about who God is, I would buy it to loan out to friends, church groups and ministries. I really like the way it leaves no doubt about who God is.
Nita Redden, Pierre, Sd
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Louie Giglio: Indescribable
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