The Yali Story
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The Yali Story


The story of how God entered their world and spoke His Word

This is the story of a community of Stone-Age people living in the mountain jungles of Papua, (formerly called Irian Jaya). Until the 1960s, this unique culture existed without any idea of a world beyond their own isolated villages. The Yali were cannibals, warriors, and lived in fear of evil spirits. Just four decades ago, westerners entered their primitive world.

The foreign missionaries learned the Yali language and culture, taught the Yali to read and write, and translated with them the most published book in the world – the Bible. The Yali no longer live in fear, but live with faith, hope and love.

The Yali live simple lives - without electricity, without running water, with very few possessions. Some would consider them primitive, but there is an intelligence, a simplicity, a dignity to their lives that is amazingly rare and beautiful.

A unique culture living centuries apart from the western world, this story documents the transformation from Stone-Age cannibals to scholars translating the Bible. God transformed their hearts – their churches are packed, they are no longer cannibals or warriors, they are Bible teachers and evangelists.

DVD Extras:

Special Features:

Documentary in three lengths: 28, 15 or 5 minutes
"Lessons from The Yali Story" mission discussion (40 minutes)
John Wilson's cancer story (16 minutes)
Music Video (3 minutes)
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Format: DVD Region 0  What's a Region Code?
Closed Captions: No
Languages: English, Spanish, Cantonese, Arabic, Mandarin, Indonesian
Product Release Date:
Length/Run Time: 28 minutes
UPC/ISBN Number: 727985007380
Public Performance Rights: Vision Video

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Latest Reviews for The Yali Story

5 of 5 Stars! The Yali Story - DVDRichard and Linda D, 10/21/2012
The Yali Story highlights the fascinating field of visual anthropology, following in the footsteps of Nanook of the North (Robert J. Flaherty) and Dead Birds (Robert Gardner). Beyond the Gates of Splendor (Jim Hanon) is more a documentary about the Waodani, than a study in visual anthropology. All four of these films are highly recommended, but our special emphasis is upon the Yali people, who have been given the Gospel, with tremendous acceptance of the saving grace of Jesus. In the course of the narration, mention is made of the possible murder of the missionaries living with the Yali, with reference to the Dani evangelists also being at risk (the Dani lived just over the ridge, from the Yali). Both of these peoples live in the general vicinity of the Baliem (alternately spelled Balim) Valley, in the Central Highlands of Papua New Guinea (the Yali live slightly to the east of the Dani, with the two groups sharing a common language (though each group has slight variations in dialect)). Interestingly, at one time, over 90% of the Dani were Christian believers, with figures somewhat difficult to come by currently. While all four of the noted films are not available at ChristianCinema, The Yali Story and Beyond the Gates of Splendor are, with both given our highest rating of *****. Enjoy!
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The Yali Story
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