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JellyTelly Introduces "The Fantastic World"

Press release

A whole new crew of playful characters and wild adventures have made their way onto the innovative online children's network JellyTellyThe Fantastic World, an original new series just for kids, is set to debut April 21 on JellyTelly.

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The Fantastic World was created by Georgia-based twin brothers Matthew and Jared Young. The first adventure in The Fantastic World's line of educational shows is "Molly Pickens and the Rainy Day Castle," an eight week series with the ultimate goal of teaching children what it means to love. With new characters including "Cranky Cactus", "Mr. Face" and "Bill and Charles Peterson" (played by the Young brothers), The Fantastic World will captivate its young audience with fitting entertainment while making a lasting impact on their hearts and minds.

"We believe that God has birthed in us a passion and desire to produce children's media that will not only have a lasting impact on the Christian world but the secular world as well," says Matthew Young.

JellyTelly creator Phil Vischer believes the new programming is a perfect fit for his mini-network's young audience. He says, "When we saw that Jared and Matthew had created a high-quality show combining the lessons of Sunday School with the wackiness of Pee Wee's Playhouse, we knew we'd found a perfect addition to JellyTelly. We know our audience is really going to love these guys and we can't wait to see what they come up with next!

The Young brothers started their film career right out of college, producing short films in a friend's basement. They were later invited to perform live at a church lock-in, where they first discovered a passion for children's entertainment. In late 2007, the brothers filmed "Rules, Rules, Rules," the pilot episode of The Fantastic World, eventually going on to create a live version featuring the characters from the show. A local church was so impressed by Matthew and Jared's fresh approach to teaching kids, they asked them to create a video curriculum. In 2008, production began on The Fantastic World's latest creation, "Molly Pickens and the Rainy Day Castle."

Promotional spots for the new programming began airing daily on JellyTelly March 23 and will continue until the premiere on April 21. The series will run every Tuesday moving forward.

For more information visit The Fantastic World or JellyTelly.

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