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Catholic League Campaigns Against "Angels & Demons"

National Post

America's Catholic League is campaigning against Ron Howard's upcoming film "Angels and Demons," saying that the film contains factual errors, some of which concern the life of Renassiance scientist Galileo.

In the statement "Angles and Demons": Myths, Lies and Smears, Catholic League president Bill Donohue said both Howard and Dan Brown, the author of Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code, "...persist in their demonization of Catholicism."

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Donohue says that the novel and the movie, to be released May 15, are incorrect in tying the scientist to the Illuminati, a secret society that Brown claims was vehemently against the Vatican in the 1600s.

Donohue, who has been president of the Catholic League since 1993, says that Brown's inclusion of Galileo in this group is "nonsense" because Galileo died before the Illuminati were officially formed in 1776.  Donohue states on the Catholic League's website:

“So why do they lie? Because their goal is to paint the Catholic Church as the enemy of science, and what better poster boy to trot out than their favorite martyr, Galileo? The ultimate victim, Galileo’s alleged persecution is cited as proof of the Church’s war on reason."

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