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Eleven Reasons to Shop Online This Christmas Season
Eleven Reasons to Shop Online This Christmas Season

Eleven Reasons to Shop Online This Christmas Season

by Angela Walker

Halloween is past, the elections are over, and it's time to get ready for Christmas. With an uncertain economy and unstable gasoline prices, it's important to review the best options for gift shopping. This season, online shopping is the way to go.

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  1. You can shop in your pajamas. No need to get dressed up or even take a shower. Just sit down, turn on your computer, and start shopping!
  2. Set your own store hours. Internet sites are available 24 hours a day, so there's no reason you have to conform to someone else's schedule.
  3. No salespeople to interrupt your casual browsing or try to upsell you. You can do your own comparison shopping and make your own suggestions for accessories to that fabulous sweater.
  4. No waiting in lines. Maybe you enjoy sleeping in the WalMart parking lot on Thanksgiving night, but for the rest of your family that doesn't, the only line will be at the computer.
  5. In addition to missing the holiday lines, you'll also miss the holiday crowds. The only elbows you'll feel will be your teenager trying to instant message their friends while you're shopping for their gift.
  6. Better variety and selection. Unless you live in a major metropolitan area, your choices for stores are limited by your geography. With online shopping, you have access to even the most exclusive stores - worldwide!
  7. If your gift is for someone who lives in another city, state, or even country, you don't have to worry about getting to the post office on time. The merchant will take care of shipping your gift for you.
  8. Comparison shopping is easier and quicker when you're shopping online. There are even websites that will compare prices for you, tell you who has the best price, and give you other customers' reviews.
  9. Because you can do comparison shopping more easily and more quickly, you will SAVE MONEY! Look for special promo codes or coupons offered by online merchants, and always check out their "bargain bins." You'll find some great deals.
  10. FREE SHIPPING! Many merchants offer free shipping during some part of the holiday season, so be ready to take advantage of it. (If you're not a newsletter subscriber, sign up now so you don't miss our shipping announcements)
  11. When you shop from the comfort of your own home, you save gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, and never have to hunt for a good parking spot.

Happy shopping!


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