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LaHaye to Remake "Left Behind" Stories

by Allie Martin - One News Now

Best-selling author Tim LaHaye is looking forward to making a motion picture based on the popular Left Behind book series.

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Eight years ago, Dr. LaHaye and co-author Jerry Jenkins sued Namesake Entertainment and Cloud Ten Pictures over three movies based on the books. In the lawsuit, LaHaye accused Namesake Entertainment of fraud and contended the company should never have allowed Cloud 10 Pictures to make the movies.

The lawsuit has since been settled and Dr. LaHaye says part of the settlement allows him to make a series of movies based on the best-selling novels. "My dream has always been to enter the movie theater with a first-class, high-quality movie that is grippingly interesting, but also is true to the biblical storyline -- and that was diluted in the first attempt," asserts Dr. LaHaye. "But Lord willing, we are going to see this thing made into the movie that it should be."

Dr. LaHaye says the success of the book series should draw many into the theaters. "It's a golden opportunity for the Christian community to come up with a stellar performance that will have millions of people come to it," he adds.

The end-times novelist is hopeful many will be confronted with the truth of God's Holy Word, and trust Christ as Savior.

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