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Fireproof: Behind-the scenes with Kirk Cameron and Alex Kendrick
Fireproof: Behind-the scenes with Kirk Cameron and Alex Kendrick

Fireproof: Behind-the scenes with Kirk Cameron and Alex Kendrick

We had the chance to talk with both Alex Kendrick (Facing the Giants, Flywheel) and Kirk Cameron (Left Behind: Tribulation Force, Left Behind: World at War) in the middle of filming Sherwood Pictures' newest move Fireproof. [Behind-the-scenes picture courtesy of Hayley Catt, Sherwood Pictures]

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Alex: We’re on the 16th day (out of 30) of shooting Fireproof, our third movie. We’re excited about it because of the message and what we hope the Lord will do with it. Things are going really well. Can you tell us about the plot of the movie and what you hope to accomplish with it?

Alex: It’s about a fireman whose marriage is dissolving. Just before he heads to file for a divorce, his father, who is a Christian, talks him into doing what’s called “The Love Dare.”

It’s a 40-day journey of applying Biblical principles to marriage. As he takes the journey, he gets more and more educated about what God intended for marriage, and he learns more about what love could be. He gets to win back the heart of his wife, but not without some twists and turns along the way.

We’re excited about shooting this, and hopefully it will encourage marriages out there. We think God has the best romances. When will it be in theaters?

Alex: August of 2008 it should premiere in theaters, with the DVD following in about 4 months. We’re packing stuff on there and we think our actors are doing a great job. It’s a fun project. Have you had some unique “God-moments” during the shoot that you’d like to tell us about?

Alex: When we prayed for resources, God provided more than we could ever imagine. We asked for the reserve fire trucks at the fire station, and they offered us their best trucks. Same thing with the hospital and the ambulance company. The Lord has opened up doors we never could have opened ourselves.

We committed it to prayer, and in every instance, he blow s us away. He is proving to be the God of the impossible. What’s it been like to work with Kirk Cameron?

Alex: He’s playing the lead role of Caleb, the fire fighter. I promise if you don’t cry at least twice during this movie, you’re not human. You can go to for updates, and we even have a blog from the set. Hopefully we’ll have a trailer ready soon as well. Kirk, how did you get involved with this film?

Kirk: After seeing Facing the Giants, I was so excited about what Sherwood Films was doing that I called them up. I said, “I’ve seen your movie about 5 times with my family. If I can be of help in your next film, please let me know.”

About 6 months later, Alex Kendrick called me up and asked if I’d come audition for the lead role. He kind of prefaced it with “I don’t think you’re the right guy for the role, but come audition anyway.”

He’s looking for a big hunk of a guy to come pull guys out of burning buildings, not skinny little Mike Seaver (Growing Pains).

I’ve undergone a transformation. Mike Seaver is dead. Did you do some training to bulk up for the role?

Kirk: We had about a month and a half before we started filming. What really helps is having a Russian NHL hockey player for a brother-in-law (Candace Cameron’s husband Valeri Bure).

He called me and said, “I heard you want me to ‘pump you up.’” He put me on a killer Russian weight-gain program. I became unrecognizable. I also got a new haircut: high and tight, they call it. Like the Marines. We’re excited to see what happens with this film. I know Facing the Giants exceeded everyone’s expectations in how it reached people.

Kirk: There are so many people whose marriages desperately need some solid help. I think this movie is going to be the God-send that’s needed.

Being married for 16 years to the same lady has been a wonderful journey, but we can certainly understand the challenges that people go through. Especially when you have 6 kids on top of that.

This kind of movie, offering practical help to Christians and non-Christians, is terrific. And there is a clear presentation of the Gospel to reach non-Christians.

We show the truth about real love: it’s a decision, a commitment. It’s a choice to love even when you don’t feel anything. When a man loves a woman that way, with God’s help, she’ll bloom, even if he’s neglected her. Thanks so much for talking with us about the film, and we look forward to seeing it this fall!


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