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Christians in Cinema: Steve Greisen
Christians in Cinema: Steve Greisen

Christians in Cinema: Steve Greisen

"Come on a journey with us, and discover truth along the way."

Steve Greisen's life, both personally and as an award-winning filmmaker, might be the best depiction of his philosophy. Raised by missionary parents in Hong Kong, he embraced a love for travel and adventure that has taken him to 72 countries. And at last count, he has filmed projects in 42 different countries - many under the heading of Exploration Films .
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At one point in his own journey, Steve was introduced to Nelly Ward, (formerly of The Second Chapter of Acts), who became his wife. A music-lover, Steve helped run Live Oak Records, a label that recorded Nelly group and many other Christian artists. He also began working on film productions during that time. "No one told me that it's hard - I just did it," Steve says about those early years. "I'm a terrible example because I wasn't educated in film-making and I didn't try to work for a film company. I took a very unconventional path to get where I am today."

Steve's desire for excellence led him to compete in the general market. "I started out with secular business model because it was a way to grow as a filmmaker - to stay sharp professionally. I also knew the profits made there could subsidize the projects I wanted to do for the Christian market. And it paid off - now I don't depend on secular business at all - it's all independent."

Film projects have run the gamut from prophecy to science and nature to the archaeology of the Bible - all done with the intention of providing a doorway for people to enter into faith in God. "We're trying to reach a lot of people that the church hasn't reached and that don't relate to Christian TV. People hunger for truth and reality, and that's what we try to show them. It's not just about doing a good production, it's about telling the story well. I discovered I'm a natural writer - I love conveying a thought and then finding beautiful images and stirring music to illustrate it - somehow it all comes together."

"I received a wise piece of advice when I started," Steve says. "A friend told me that I could have more impact on people sitting in a little studio in obscurity than 90% of the preachers in the world. I made that choice, and I love what I'm doing. It's a perfect fit for my life."

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