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Affirm Films Shooting All Saints Story of Real Life Refugees
Affirm Films Shooting All Saints Story of Real Life Refugees

Affirm Films Shooting All Saints Story of Real Life Refugees

All Saints, a new film from Sony Pictures’ Affirm Films, is now in production. Inspired by the real life story of salesman-turned-pastor Michael Spurlock (John Corbett), the film shines a light on a pastor who was told to close down his tiny, rundown church and instead ended up serving as the host for refugees from Burma in southeast Asia. Co-starring Cara Buono, Barry Corbin, Chonda Pierce, and David Keith, the film is shooting on location in Nashville and Smyrna, Tennessee.

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What happens when people look past their differences to make a difference? The miraculous revival of Spurlock’s All Saints Church is the answer, as it began welcoming former Burmese farmers seeking a new start. Working alongside these Karen refugees, the people of All Saints worked to turn their land into a farm to pay the church’s bills and feed all of the people. In the midst of it, Spurlock’s defiance of his church superiors pushed the church closer to being the kingdom of God it was always meant to be.

Rich Peluso, head of Affirm Films said, "The Affirm Films team has been working alongside our director Steve Gomer and writer Steve Armour for five years to bring their vision for this important and timely story to life. It's a joy to see the amazing cast and crew come together to pour their hearts and craft into presenting the journey of Michael and Aimee Spurlock. These ordinary people did extraordinary things as they cut through to the heart of what God called them to do in putting their faith in action and reaching out to the refugee Karen community in Nashville."

The real All Saints church and land serves as a backdrop for the production.

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