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Rachel Joy Scott's Story Reminds Us to Live Boldly
Rachel Joy Scott's Story Reminds Us to Live Boldly

Rachel Joy Scott's Story Reminds Us to Live Boldly

By Jacob Sahms

The hardest part was playing Rachel Joy Scott in the moments of her death. But the best part of her work as the young high school student was seeing the way that Scott’s life touched so many others. That’s the beauty and shame of Scott’s story, a bright star who died tragically but whose life still ignites the faith of many. This is the story of Masey McLain, who plays Scott in Pure Flix’s upcoming biopic, I’m Not Ashamed, in theaters on October 21. 

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Masey McLain is about to take over the theater. Her portrayal of Scott has been deemed to be so magnetic that those who have seen the film and knew Scott see similarities in their laughs, their smiles, and their quirks. But for an actress who has only been acting for seven years in high school plays, small parts in film, and commercials, the process is clearly the result of God’s ordination.

Looking back at the film, McLain said there’s not just one scene that she would grab onto as the ‘point’ of the story. “I think it’s about whatever you’re facing in your life. Different pieces hit different people at the screenings I’ve been to,” she said. “I hope people take away that Rachel knew she’d make an impact even as a little girl. She knew she’d make an impact but didn’t know how.”

“Rachel didn’t wait to make an impact, but she was faithful in her daily walk, being the hands and feet of Jesus. We shouldn’t wait for the big moments for God to use us.”

McLain, who loves to sing and lead worship at her home church in the Atlanta area, said she heard references to the shooting at Columbine High School but was too young to have experienced the immediate fallout. Preparing for the role, she had no video of Scott, only the dead Christian’s journal.

“I was really nervous for the shooting scene,” McLain remembered. “Everything was so involved in the setup process, and it was easily the hottest day in Nashville, maybe ever! I’ve obviously never experienced what she did. The threat of the scene was almost a monster in my head, about what it would be like.”

“As soon as the time came for the camera to roll, I felt the Lord’s presence on me. I had the flash of the story of Stephen, the first martyr, flood my mind. It was like the Lord was shining down, smiling on us, like He was proud of Rachel. I just knew that Rachel was okay, and with Him.”

The young actress, who is nearly finished with her college career, recognizes that the bullying in the film represents a real threat in the life of high school and middle school students who will see the film. But the impact of Rachel’s life continues to remind her of the power of Rachel’s witness even in death, as McLain reflected on the way Rachel combatted bullying in her own way. “Rachel was just an example of showing compassion, to Austin [a special needs student], by showing him compassion and reaching out to him. She reminded him how special and loved he was. But she took it a step further, too, telling KJ [a star football player] to befriend Austin and to look out for him.”

“It took one person standing up for him and loving him, for the people around him to notice and join in.”

Yes, I’m Not Ashamed is about one girl’s death. But if the audience fails to see the life she lived, then it will miss the point. What we lay our lives down for matters, but so does how we live our lives.

Rachel Joy Scott died for what she believed, but she lived her life, all out, too.

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