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MMA-Themed The Fight Within Film Set to Debut August 12
MMA-Themed The Fight Within Film Set to Debut August 12

MMA-Themed The Fight Within Film Set to Debut August 12

On August 12, The Fight Within will deliver a cinematic punch, debuting a story of faith, love, and mixed martial arts fighting to audiences. From GVN Releasing, the film is not a a “a traditional faith-based film, but we hope to engage a more diverse audience and share a message of hope and salvation through our story,” said Jim Davis, executive producer and screenwriter. Audiences will have to decide whether the film wins by decision or knockout!

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Jim Davis, an ordained minister who started a digital marketing company, decided to try his hand in sharing a story about finding one’s identity amidst the MMA scene. Logan Chandler (John Major Davis) is a rising star in the world of mixed martial arts, but when his father, an MMA champion, dies while training him, Logan leaves the ring unsure who he is anymore. He finds romance with a young woman of deep faith (Lelia Symington) and seeks to overcome a troubled past and establish a new life. His new faith is tested when a local MMA professional (Matt Leddo)—whose only losing fight was to Logan—forces him back into the cage.

John Major Davis and Leddo trained daily for months with professional fighters to ensure accurately depicted fight scenes, and other members of the cast helped ensure legitimacy. MMA Hall of Fame’s Dan Severn, MMA vet and fight choreographer Mike Taylor, UFC Heavyweight champion Dan Severn, and Wesley Williams also act under the direction of Michael William. Following the film’s theatrical run, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will release THE FIGHT WITHIN on all home entertainment formats.

Jim Davis continued, “We fully expect some fans to see it just for the fight realism. For authentic action, we’ve had viewers rank it far above a certain more well-known cage-fight movie.”

“People don’t think about why they make the choices they make; we want them to leave the theaters asking what if: What if I did it God’s way?” Davis said.

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