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God's Not Dead 2 Continues Wave of Faith-Based Films
God's Not Dead 2 Continues Wave of Faith-Based Films

God's Not Dead 2 Continues Wave of Faith-Based Films

The sequel to Pure Flix's 2014 hit God's Not Dead arrived in theaters on Friday, on the surging wave of faith-based films in theaters. Will it make noise at the box office like its predecessors?

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While God's Not Dead 2 faces less competition than the other films out this spring, thanks in part to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's record-breaking 68% drop from its opening weekend, time will tell if it can rise to the level of the others. At the Christian Box Office, Risen currently sits at #12 and Miracles from Heaven at #9 - all time - but it has already passed The Young Messiah's #30 spot. This year's ensemble film from Pure Flix is at #27 after its first week; by comparison, the original currently sits at #7.

Released in more than 2,300 theaters (or 1,639 more than the original), God's Not Dead 2 again uses the popular Christian artist Newsboys and a Duck Dynasty tie-in (Sadie Robertson this time) to shine light on a film intent on inspiring Christians to be bold in their faith. Here, Melissa Joan Hart is the conscientious teacher on trial for using Scripture in her public school history class, and Ray Wise is the ACLU lawyer hellbent on proving that God doesn't really exist. 

You can hear more from actors Sadie Robertson and Paul Kwo, as well as check out the Christian Cinema review here. 

To learn more about this spring's other box office films, you can read our reviews of Miracles From Heaven, Risen, and The Young Messiah, as well as hear from principal cast and crew behind the films, like Christy Beam, Mickey Liddell, and Cyrus Nowrasteh

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