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God's Not Dead 2's Paul Kwo Says the Church is Bigger
God's Not Dead 2's Paul Kwo Says the Church is Bigger

God's Not Dead 2's Paul Kwo Says the Church is Bigger

By Jacob Sahms

Paul Kwo is one of the actors who bridges the gap between God’s Not Dead and God’s Not Dead 2. As the college student Martin Yip, he learns from Josh Wheaton in the original and seeks answers to his questions in the sequel. Just days before the premiere of Pure Flix’s second film in the series, Christian Cinema caught up with the young Chinese/American actor.

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Kwo, who has a music education company, was excited by the prospect of a second round of the series. While he has been performing musically for longer than he’s been acting, he appreciates the challenge of both - especially when the two mediums combine.

“I was in the first film, and a year or so later, they reached out to me about being in the second one to play Martin Yip,” Kwo shared. “I was very excited because I thought the first one was a wonderful film to discuss our times.”

“In the second film, I have to act, sing, and play at the same time, to develop the story and continue his character,” he continued. “It was important to bring him back and have him grow from where he was before. With the music, I have to memorize the piece of music, of course, but they are equally challenging.”

In addition to linking the films, Kwo’s character also shows the power of mentoring - and discipleship.

“I think discipleship is crucial as human beings, as well as for our faith,” the teacher and actor declared. “We learn something and we want to pass it down. I own a musical school and I think it’s important to pass it down; we pass it down so it doesn’t get lost. The same is true of our faith.”

“My parents are definitely people I admire a lot. My dad is a pastor of a small church filled with immigrants, primarily Asians. But I model myself after different people - I try to steal the things from. I was inspired by one friend to start a business; I was inspired by another to write my own album.”

So what does this sequel hope to accomplish, building on the first but laying new groundwork?

Kwo hopes that it will force the audience to ask serious questions. “It’s a reminder not brush off the film as a faith-based thing. Why did so many millions of people go to see the first one? Why did it speak to them? What is our own worldview and outlook?”

“In our society today, we get caught up in so many things that we lose sight of the fundamental freedoms our country was founded on,” he continued. “We need to ask the right questions, and we need to keep asking. It’s important for us as a country and a human race.”

With his admittedly broader view of the world, I asked Kwo what the American church could learn from the church around the world. His answer showed a knowledge of the church - and of culture.

“We can learn from the church at large that there are more Christians than we think there are,” he said. “I posted a video during the first film, and people responded with surprise that I was a Christian, like all Asians were Buddhists. I think more people need to realize that there a lot people out there doing God’s work and we need to support them.”

“There are people out there who need our help. Our faith is about the whole world; there are believers and non-believers out there and we need to figure out our place in the planet, not just caught up in the local things. We need to see how big the church is!”

God’s Not Dead 2 premieres April 1.

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