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Sadie Robertson: From Duck Dynasty to God's Not Dead 2
Sadie Robertson: From Duck Dynasty to God's Not Dead 2

Sadie Robertson: From Duck Dynasty to God's Not Dead 2

By Jacob Sahms

Sadie Robertson of Duck Dynasty and Dancing with the Stars has a major role in God’s Not Dead 2 and the upcoming I’m Not Ashamed. Recently, she called talked with from Louisiana about becoming an actress.

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After her parents Willie and Korie Robertson were in the original, it was an easy segue for Sadie to join the cast of this April’s sequel. “I had wanted to get into acting, and they asked me if I was interested,” Robertson shared. “At about the same time, I was offered the role in I’m Not Ashamed.”

So how does appearing on reality television shows compare to making these movies?

Robertson laughed. “Everyone says it must be easy, but it’s so different. Of course, the camera doesn’t make me nervous because I’m used to it. But in a movie, the script is like your Bible. You must remember your lines exactly, and it’s hard for me to remember!”

Robertson’s crossover appeal has made her popular, but it’s her adaptability that serves her well. “I loved DWS because I love sports and being an athlete,” she shared. “I was nervous about what people might say or think, so I said no initially. My mom was like, ‘what are you thinking?!’”

Even if taking on a new role might cause her trepidation, when it comes to sharing her faith, Robertson never wavers. “I’ve never been fearful about sharing my faith. I’m secure in my beliefs,” she said. Laughing, she added, “I even got a tattoo that says, ‘Fearless.’”

“Jesus gave his life for me. And like Melissa’s character says in God’s Not Dead 2, ‘I’d rather stand with God and be judged by people, than stand with people and be judged by God.’”

Obviously, her family’s outspoken faith has made a difference, but Robertson says that they never pushed it on her, but led by example. “They always trusted that God would save me so they didn’t try to save me,” she said. “I believe God loves us, and seeing that in marriage in peace and love, it showed me what I wanted to be like.”

Now, Robertson is talking about God’s Not Dead 2 and I’m Not Ashamed, where she’ll play the cousin who led Rachel Joy Scott to faith. “It’s heavy stuff,” Robertson admitted. “But God sent his only Son to die for us, and sometimes, we’re called to die for Him. I’m not worrying about what people will say, and trying to live in a way that pleases Him!”

God’s Not Dead 2 premieres Friday, April 1, and I’m Not Ashamed is coming soon.

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