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Exclusive Trailer Debut: "God's Club" - Coming March 1, 2016
Exclusive Trailer Debut: "God's Club" - Coming March 1, 2016

Exclusive Trailer Debut: "God's Club" - Coming March 1, 2016

Mourning the death of his wife, Michael Evens (Stephen Baldwin) resurrects the Bible club his wife ran at the local high school where he teaches in God's Club. But another parent, Spencer Rivera (Lorenzo Llamas), and others challenge him, citing the need for separation between church and state. While their Vermont community is torn apart by the conflict, Evens' job, his faith, and his relationship with his daughter are at stake as well. Will the inspiration of Max (Corbin Bernsen) be enough to steer Evens clear of danger and into the role of champion of the faith? 

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Directed by Jared Cohn and written by John Chadwell, this Studio City Pictures Production was produced by Jack Nasser, Joseph Nasser, and Durey Shevar. The DVD includes special features like a look behind the scenes, as well as bloopers.

Watch the exclusive trailer here, and prepare for God's Club arriving on DVD and Digital HD on March 1, 2016.


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