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"War Room" & "Captive" Draw Multi-Racial Audiences
"War Room" & "Captive" Draw Multi-Racial Audiences

"War Room" & "Captive" Draw Multi-Racial Audiences

By Dr. Diane Howard, Guest Writer

Those looking for worthwhile, uplifting, and inspirational films today have many options in terms of sources of good entertainment for themselves, their families, and their friends. Despite the many new sources of streaming video, DVDs are still popular because streaming content comes and goes, DVDs are low in cost, and they can become a part of a dependable library of content.


Like Us on Facebook reports that War Room is, as it has been for many weeks, the top-selling DVD in the African-American and drama categories. This is inspiring to see because, with its dominantly African American cast, it is about family reconciliation and prayer. This is surprising because War Room is still in the theaters and only available at this time as a pre-ordered DVD. This is significant because War Room and Captive (about the redemption of Ashley Smith and killer Brian Nichols) are both movies that have been at the top of the box office for many weeks and have been drawing multi-racial audiences with stories of redemption and reconciliation shown by multi-racial casts.

David Oyelowo, a veteran British actor who has beautifully played Martin Luther King in Selma, has also skillfully played Brian Nichols who finds redemption in Captive. Oyelowo has given many wonderful interviews recently. In an interview with, Oyelowo tells how "God's Grace Can End Injustice & Hate." He shares how the true story on which the movie is based shows how redemption and reconciliation are possible even with people of different racial backgrounds. Oyelowo tells how his favorite part of the film is when Brian Nichols (African American) asks Ashley Smith (Caucasian) if "she could forgive him if he was the man who killed her husband." Oyelowo says that Ashley "doesn’t know if she could but she thinks that God could.” Oyelowo says that this moment was Ashley's own way of breaking into her own salvation.

In the interview, David Oyelowo tells us how the "miraculous breaks in, against our expectations." Oyelowo says, “We really have to question our prejudices. Whether it’s in Selma or in the story of Brian Nichols, we have to treat people differently,” he said. Further, he says that what changed this situation was when Ashley Smith was willing to read to Nichols, to serve him pancakes, and to treat him like a human being. Oyelowo says, "She defused a human bomb" when she treated him "like he was human.”

In an exclusive interview with Dr. Diane Howard, Karen Abercrombie, who plays the lead role of wise Aunt Clara in War Roomhas said that the issues addressed in War Room have no color and are universal to the human race. Exit polls have shown how War Room has drawn multi-racial audiences. The Kendrick Brothers, who wrote and produced War Room, have said that they deliberately chose a dominantly African-American cast for War Room to bring to it a depth of spirit and soul because this movie has an honest, vulnerable, and broad appeal with its focus on the power of prayer.

In an exclusive interview with Diane Howard, Brian Bird, screenwriter for Captive, has said that all of us hunger for redemption and that redemptive movies point to the ultimate and original redemption story, which is critically needed for a time such as this.

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