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Register Today For The Write Of Passage Screenwriting Competition!
Register Today For The Write Of Passage Screenwriting Competition!

Register Today For The Write Of Passage Screenwriting Competition!

You could be the next winner of the "Write of Passage" Screenwriting Competition!  

The nation's leading Christian film compeition is accepting intermediate and advanced manuscripts from now through October 6, with a theme of "The World of Work!" for its seventh year. A speed-writing competition, all writing will begin on Monday, October 12, and include a maximum of twelve pages due on October 19. Randomly selected foundational verses will be assigned. 
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Previous participants have contributed to the nine hundred faith-based short films produced over the last thirteen years. This year's winners could net the one-thousand dollar First prize as well as conversations with Luke Schelhaas (The Good Wife, Law & Order) and Brian Bird (When Calls the Heart, Touched By An Angel). The finalists could see their screenplays produced for the 2016 168 Film Festival. Winners will be announced in November.

 "Pairing a writing contest with a film production competition is a dream come true for writers, some of whom will see their work onscreen. Their charge is to create positive portrayals of realistic characters in redemptive, thought-provoking stories that honor God," said founder and director John David Ware.
The stories that competitors create will be offered for free to young filmmakers. This allows the film students to focus on telling the stories, rather than writing them. “Story is the hardest part. We’re excited to see some of these come to life at the hands of youthful artists,” said Ware.
Write of Passage is a mentored competition, which uses “Development Executives” (DEs) to coach writers and to judge the first round.
“DEs develop their sense of story and learn how to motivate and encourage creative people to achieve excellence,” said Ware. Interested potential DE’s should send resume and references to  DEs pay no fee, but they cannot enter the contest as a writer. Both writers and mentors receive screen credit if the story is made into film." The fees range from $30 to $45, depending on when the writer registers. Registration here today!

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