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Miracles in Our Midst Explores God’s Power in Modern Times
Miracles in Our Midst Explores God’s Power in Modern Times

Miracles in Our Midst Explores God’s Power in Modern Times

Grizzly Adams Documentary Examines Biblical and Contemporary Miracles Using Backdrop of 9/11 Terrorist Attacks Loveland, Colo.—What is a miracle? The birth of a baby? The unexpected delivery from danger? Or something that can’t be easily explained? Are miracles reserved for the privileged few? Or do they happen every day? Miracles in Our Midst, a documentary from Grizzly Adams® Productions, uses one of the darkest days in American history—September 11, 2001—as the backdrop to examine miracles: What are they and do they even exist? “It’s a commonly held belief that God does not intervene in the affairs of men today. It’s not that He can’t, He just doesn’t,” says John Van Diest, author of Unsolved Miracles, and one of several experts featured in the hour long TV/DVD special. But is that true?
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Therese Marszalek, co-author of Miracles Still Happen (Harrison House), proclaims, “Modern-day miracles absolutely do happen on the earth today. No doubt about it. God never stopped doing miracles.” Grizzly Adams Productions, producers of more than 500 family friendly films over the last 30 years, based this thought-provoking documentary in part on Marszalek’s book, co-authored with Sheri Stone, and Plucked from the Fire by Stanley Praimnath and William Hennessey (Rosedog Books). Miracles in Our Midst utilizes video footage from that fateful day in September along with numerous character reenactments. Syndicated talk-show host Janet Parshall narrates it. Although many consider September 11 as proof positive that God wasn’t around when the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers became targets for commercial jets hijacked by terrorists, this documentary provides facts that prove otherwise. John Todd, executive producer, said “Miracles in Our Midst tells the story of just a few of the thousands of miracles that occurred at Ground Zero that day—miracles of survival when all odds were against it. These amazing stories of survival, where there is no scientific explanation, clearly show where science stops and God begins.” “The thousands of stories of survival on that day are evidence that a greater number of miracles probably occurred on September 11 than on any other single day in history, says David W. Balsiger, senior producer of the documentary. “I challenge anyone to remain unmoved by these stories of heroic sacrifice, divine intervention and sheer heartwarming humanity.” For example, can anyone explain why Dr. Gerald D. Ginsberg, director of plastic surgery at New York Downtown Hospital, listened to an inner voice that told him not to amputate the legs of “Jane Doe Number 1,” which, considering the extent of her injuries would be the appropriate way to proceed? She not only later walked again but danced at her wedding! Why was Stanley Praimnath—whose desk was a mere 50 yards from the impact of the second jet—the only one on the 81st floor of the South Tower to survive? And why was Brian Clark—who chose to go down the stairwell when his colleagues followed advice from others to go up—the one who ultimately helped Praimnath find his way out of the rubble and to safety? They both survived and today remain the best of friends! And what about the six firefighters who slowed down their descent in the North Tower stairwell to help an older woman, finding themselves stuck on the fourth floor when the building imploded on top of them. As they patiently waited for rescue in the dark and smokey space in which they were entrapped, out of nowhere came a beam of light as a sign they could be rescued. All of the firefighters and the lady survived without a scratch! Dr. Kenneth Testa, a New York City trauma surgeon, was at Ground Zero to help free a Port Authority officer whose leg was pinned by rubble. It appeared amputation would be the only way to free him. As a physician, Dr. Testa knew it was his duty to “put life before limb” and that time was of the essence—but instead he urged rescue workers to keep digging. A few minutes later, the officer was freed! In Washington D.C., Stanley Sinclair, in his office at the Pentagon, was watching TV coverage of the terrorist attacks in NYC when a hijacked aircraft again did the unthinkable and slammed into the Pentagon. Surrounded by black smoke, fire and twisted wreckage, Sinclair prayed for a savior. Out of nowhere, he heard a deep voice directing him to safety! “Miracles in our Midst will remind us of how God intervenes for us everyday,” says Sharon Dymmel, the show’s writer and producer, “not only just when horrific events like terrorist attacks or hurricanes tear apart the lives of thousands.” She added, “Fear seems to plague our nation as we recognize our own mortality and the limitations of our protective institutions. Even Hollywood has disillusioned us. Seeing the real heroes and true-life miracles in this documentary restores our hope.” Miracles in Our Midst also asks the questions to which every Christian should consider the answers: Does the Bible tell us what a miracle is? Are there different levels of the miraculous? Do miracles still happen today or did they cease with the death of Christ’s Apostles? If miracles do occur in the modern world, how can we recognize them? And what significance do they hold? The Miracles in Our Midst DVD includes bonus features on both contemporary miracles as well as the events of September 11, 2001. They include: Divine Intervention: Is it All Around Us? (Real people going through tragedies who are rescued by angels), Remembering the Heroes Part 1: Plans for the Ground Zero Memorial, Remembering the Heroes Part 2: A Fitting Tribute to the 9/11 Heroes of the Pentagon, Miracles and the Modern Believer: Defining Miracles and their Place in the Modern World, FaithGrowers™ Curriculum: The God of Miracles: The Same Yesterday, Today and Forever, and pastor’s sermon outline and listener’s notes.

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Fearless Faith
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