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Old Fashioned's Writer, Director and Actor Takes a Stand
Old Fashioned's Writer, Director and Actor Takes a Stand

Old Fashioned's Writer, Director and Actor Takes a Stand

Rik Swartzwelder, the writer, director and primary actor of Old Fashioned, chats with Adam McManus in this Sneak Peek about the desperate need in our culture for chivalry to make a comeback.

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“I grew up in a culture that taught me to objectify, to not respect, to not be concerned with the damage I was doing to myself or others by playing carelessly in the field of romance,” confessed Rik Swartzwelder in this revealing and personal conversation with McManus.  “I ended up going down a lot of roads I wish I hadn’t gone down.”  

That’s why he feels especially convicted about wanting “to uphold – without apology -- a Biblical, Godly standard for dating, even though our culture doesn’t affirm it… Oftentimes God takes our brokenness and turns that into the greatest point of healing for others.” 

Forty drafts of a movie script and 10 years later, Swartzwelder has completed Old Fashioned in which he portrays Clay Walsh, a former frat boy who settled down to run an antique shop in a small Midwestern college town after trusting Christ.  He’s immediately drawn to Amber Hewson, portrayed by Elizabeth Ann Roberts, a free-spirited woman with a restless soul who’s intrigued by his old fashioned convictions.

“If you’re up late at night watching TV with your girlfriend at 3:00 in the morning, laying on the couch, our biology is designed to go in a certain direction,” admits Swartzwelder.  “Insomuch as we learn to respect boundaries in dating, the better we’ll be in respecting boundaries in marriage.”

No wonder Clay has a standard of not even being in a room alone with a woman before marriage and proclaims, “Nothing good happens after 11:00 p.m.”

Swartzwelder’s willingness to swim upstream against the cultural currents led him to champion his favorite quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. in the film. “Our lives begin to end the moment we remain silent about the things that matter.”  He’s not naïve though.  He expects his ideas and his film to be ridiculed.  “I’m not afraid of pushback from culture or to be made fun of on The Daily Show or have The Huffington Post jab at us because – for lack of a better word – we’re 'old fashioned' in our thinking, because it does matter."

Old Fashioned goes head to head with the S&M-filled debauchery of 50 Shades of Grey on Valentine’s Day, 2015.  May the faith-filled David take out the God-hating Goliath once again.

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