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Pornography in the Church - What is at 'The Heart of the Matter'?
Pornography in the Church - What is at 'The Heart of the Matter'?

Pornography in the Church - What is at 'The Heart of the Matter'?

Atlanta, GA – Filmmakers Jessica Mockett and Nathan D. Lee are answering deep and meaningful questions about pornography addiction in the Christian church in their upcoming documentary film The Heart of the Matter. As pornography use and its cultural ramifications are intensifying, a film bringing hope, healing, and love is just what is needed. Funding such a sensitive subject matter is not easy and the filmmakers are seeking help with a new Kickstarter campaign to keep the project moving forward.

A 2006 statistical report sited that every second consumers spent $3,075.64 on pornography. A running tally on Covenant Eyes, at the time of this article, calculates that there have already been 1,596,752,127 online searches for pornography since the start of 2013.

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In the Christian church we are waking up to the fact that 50% of the men and 20% of the women are addicted to pornography, not to mention those who dabble with it. 

In the beginning of 2012, Christian filmmaker Mockett started this documentary film, The Heart of the Matter, as a way to give the addict and non-addict alike an understanding of the importance and power of open, honest, non-shaming communication. The film will bring hope to all that nothing is lost that cannot be restored through the love and grace of God. 

Securing funding for the film has been challenging and the project is still in production phase. To date the film has raised about ¼ of its total budget.

Nathan D. Lee, an Emmy® award-winning producer/director who partnered with Mockett earlier this year to help complete this film, said “One of the biggest lies addicts get trapped in is that you are alone and if anyone knew what you were doing you would be judged harshly. When completed, this film will have the power to change those perceptions. By sharing first hand stories of people who are dealing with pornography addiction, people will see that they are not alone! It has taken great courage for the people we've interviewed to talk openly about their experiences. And courage breeds courage! I believe that. Seeing these people bring their stories to light -- and finding Christ’s love -- will give others the courage to do the same. As our message spreads, countless people will find hope once again.”

More is being done to recognize and combat the use of pornography in the church. But Mockett worries that in church culture, and sometimes over the pulpit and in pastoral counseling, shame and fear are still being used as motivators to avoid this particular sin.

“What I have come to understand is that shame and fear actually perpetuate addiction.” Mockett continues, “With so many good men and women, our own brothers and sisters in Christ, suffering from pornography addiction, we need to learn how to communicate more effectively on the subject.”

With more awareness on the subject of pornography in the church have come more organizations and videos to educate. So what makes this film different?

Daniel Weiss of The Brushfires Foundation wrote about his experience on the set of this film, “I marveled at [their] ability to get to the deepest and most crucial elements of recovery. No one is asking questions like this film does. And that is why we still have so few answers in the broader culture. If you ask the right questions you will get the right answers."

Right now, Mockett and Lee are campaigning to raise more funds. They are seeking to raise at least $15K in about 2-week window of time so that they can receive an additional $15K in a matching grant. The $30K raised will keep the project moving forward with the hope of eventually bringing on investors to finance the rest of the production.

“We’ve had success with online fundraising in the past,” said Lee. “We hope God will bless our efforts again as we seek to produce a film that will change the conversation on pornography in the church.”

Of this current campaign, Geoff Steurer therapist and a director LifeSTAR said, “I love the new trailer. It's so powerful. I showed it in one of my groups last night and everyone was moved by it.”

To learn more about this great endeavor watch the filmmaker’s pitch video and teaser here. Then go to Kickstarter to make a contribution.

Contact Information

The filmmakers are available for further interviews.

Jessica Mockett – Director/Producer


Nathan D. Lee – Producer



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