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Inspiration Pop 2929 Red Carpet Premiere at TBN
Inspiration Pop 2929 Red Carpet Premiere at TBN

Inspiration Pop 2929 Red Carpet Premiere at TBN

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It was a beautiful day in Hendersonville, Tennessee for the red carpet premiere of “Inspiration Pop 2929″ held at  the TBN Studios, known as Trinity Music City. This faith-based film is filled with country and gospel music performers, seasoned actors and newbie actors as well. The production team was present, including writer, director and producer Ryan Ramos, producer, Rochell Simmons. Tim Enochs, author or “The Street Sweeper,” the book that inspired the movie,  was also in attendance.

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Trinity Music CityI arrived at 3:30 for “marching orders” and then left for dinner, arriving back at 5:00 for backstage interviews. My role was as the official reporter for the production company’s behind the scenes, as well as for TBN who will be featuring the movie on PTL in August, and for Christian Movie Connect.

My crew consisted of my own sister, Leah Ariaz Waite who was my personal assistant and my 15-year old niece, Miranda Waite, who was my social media photographer. Tim Romero of TBN was the videographer. We had a great time. I was so impressed with Leah and Miranda’s work; I am ready to take them on the road with me!

There was a tremendous turnout for the movie. A crowd of anxious attendees lined up in advance in order to get a good seat to see the movie. The auditorium was packed so I’m sure the producers were happy about that. Fans Waiting for Premier

The movie has such a huge cast, so there were lots of interviews to do…but what fun it was! We visited backstage and in the green room with some of the cast before moving to the red carpet. The red carpet was lined with videographers, photographers and reporters from all over the region. CMC was stationed next to Homecoming Magazine.

Our red carpet interviews started with Jason Crabb, followed by Larry Gatlin. It ended 45 minutes later with the Mandrell sisters–Barbara, Louise and Irlene. The Mandrells were there to support Barbara’s daughter-in-law, Christy Sutherland, an award-winning Christian singer-songwriter who has appeared on the 700 Club and Hour of Power as well as taped her first Gaither & Friends video. This was her film debut. 

Some of the more highly credited actors include: Jackie Stewart, who has appeared in 25 motion pictures and TV shows; Whitney Goin who may be recognized by Christian film fans from her role in “Letters to God” and “Renee;” Britt George who has appeared in numerous feature films and TV shows, including “From the Shadows,” which he also produced and faith-based film; “Faith Happens;” Joshua Childs, who is also a writer, producer and director of “The Nothing” and appeared in “Blue Like Jazz” and “Hannah Montana: The Movie;” and Regina McCrary, who has performed on stage with Tyler Perry.

It was a delightful movie set in a small country town that shows the lives of several characters in difficult times whom each has learned invaluable lessons through the 7 Revelations shared by a street sweeper.

It was a long but exciting night. All I can say is that I’m just glad I had my sister around because after 2 hours in 4 inch platforms, we had to resort to the ole “sister shoe switch.” (Sorry I had to pawn the agonizing silver foot killers on her but that’s what sisters are for, right?)

The film will be shown in select theaters and on DVD. For more information on Inspiration Pop 2929, go to the website:

View the trailer here:

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