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Royal Crown Productions Announces Upcoming Feature Film of the Book of Revelation
Royal Crown Productions Announces Upcoming Feature Film of the Book of Revelation

Royal Crown Productions Announces Upcoming Feature Film of the Book of Revelation

Royal Crown Productions announced today plans to create a full length, computer animated motion picture of the Biblical Book of Revelation, in conjunction with an extended online video study series of Revelation.

"Revelation is the only book in the Bible that specifically promises a blessing to those that read it and those that share it," says Nathan Gopen, president of Royal Crown Productions. "Therefore we have always held this work with highest regard, and continually strive to bring a richer immersive experience to the vision John wrote about."

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Under the trade name Diadem Productions, Gopen had previously brought to market a highly acclaimed, interactive multimedia Bible Study CD-ROM of the book of Revelation, which Christian Computing Magazine called "A Shining Example of What Multimedia is all About". Now that CG technology has improved significantly and become more affordable to the smaller independent companies, Gopen sees an opportunity for the culmination of his vision of how to present Revelation - through the medium of a full length feature film.

The movie will be produced over a 2 year period. Royal Crown is utilizing a unique approach to funding the project, by creating a membership based, online portal where a large community of believers who are excited about the project, will be able to participate in a group extended video study of Revelation, as well as have VIP access to see the segments of the movie as they are produced. Their nominal membership fee will help fund the project, and they will be rewarded with a deeper and richer understanding and experience of Revelation that ever before possible. Information and early access sign-up forms are available on the web site, at:

As the study has wide appeal and provides a great opportunity to supplement or enhance existing teachings, Bible teachers and Pastors are encouraged to visit the site and sign up for information on how the Revelation movie and online study can integrate with their existing ministries.

Future plans for Royal Crown include an interactive 3D Bible World web portal, several epic Biblical motion pictures, Christian computer games and study tools, music, and other productions that utilize Royal Crown's expertise in leading edge software development, 3D and motion graphics.

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