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Roma Downey's Little Angels
Roma Downey's Little Angels

Roma Downey's Little Angels

For many years, Roma Downey played an angel on the beloved TV series "Touched by An Angel." The message of the show was sharing God's love, and she considered it a privilege each week to tell millions of people that God loved them. Spending the last few years concentrating on raising her own children inspired her to create a DVD series for pre-school children called LITTLE ANGELS.

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It's Not Just for Kids
Angels, Animals and Music
A Team and Family Effort
Angels on the Road 

"I thought, 'Wouldn't it be marvelous to have a project that channeled that same loving message, but for our wee ones?'" Roma said in a recent interview. "So I came up with concept of LITTLE ANGELS. It's an animated DVD series for the pre-school audience."

It's Not Just for Kids
"It's designed on the one hand to teach them practical learning skills: ABCs and 123s and animals, and so on. But it also introduces them to spiritual and moral principles of the Bible. Our hope is that it will be a great resource for families as they are teaching their own kids their traditional family values. It really is concentrated on holding that up for families.

Roma Downey's Little Angels: ABC's on DVD

Knowing that the demands on parents are greater than ever, Roma deliberately created the series with the busy parent in mind. "Many was the time I was glad to sit my kids down in front of the DVD to buy me a precious ten or fifteen minutes to make some calls, or deal with the plumber, or a crisis with the dog, or a million and one other things that come up in the life of a busy parent juggling everything. 

"It seems to me that if you're going to sit your kids down in front of something anyway, just for content, wouldn't you want something that you know is uplifting them and adding value, not just to their minds but also to their hearts. This is designed specifically with that in mind."

Angels, Animals and Music
The series is launching not only with DVDs [LITTLE ANGELS ABC and LITTLE ANGELS ANIMALS], but also with two musical CDs. "We're also launching this fall apps that you can find on iTunes. Of the many apps that are being offered, my favorite is the daily prayer with your child. I've recorded 365 age-appropriate daily prayers.

"I think children are never too young for you to start the habit every day of taking a moment to give thanks or a moment to praise the Lord. It's a lovely thing to establish with your children. That's a lovely thing I'm especially excited about going forward."

Picture of Roma Downey with her two SCottish bloodhoundsRoma is a reluctant Facebooker, and came late in the game to twittering. Her teenagers are often mortified by her lack of knowledge about the proper verbiage. "When I started, I said I was twitting, and I thought my 15-year-old daughter's eyeballs were going to roll so far back in her head they might have disappeared into her brain. But you and I both know the future is here and it's a wonderful way to spread the word."

You can see clips of LITTLE ANGELS on the website, and examples of the cute animation. "I can have all the best intentions in the world to spiritually educate your children and teach them uplifting values, but if I don't present them in a way that is funny and fun and compelling, colorful with good music and production values, your kids aren't going to watch it."

A Team and Family Effort
She found a great team of animators and writers in Los Angeles who lovingly shepherded it through the various stages of design. "Our central characters are twins Alex and Zoe, who are four years of age. In their nursery, they have a mural painted on the ceiling. And in that mural are eight little angel characters. When Mom and Dad aren't around, the little angels come to life. They fly down and help to teach and instruct the children."

Since her own children are no longer pre-schoolers any more, Roma enlisted their talents in her project. Her oldest boy James is a talented guitarist who played on a number of tracks on the music CDs, and her 15-year-old daughter sang a number of the tracks. "There's a goofy and fun element to the music. There's a particular song called 'Eight Little Angels' that is on both CDs, and Riley sang those. That made it all the more meaningful to have my kids involved.

Roma Downey at a ribbon cutting event

"As teenagers, the only agreement I had with them was that I wouldn't refer to them as 'my own little angels.' They're very excited and I think they're proud of me. My oldest boy just left for college and the other two are still in high school. I think they're proud of how this has turned out. They've seen me work hard, which I think is good role modeling for them. I'm able to do a lot of work from home and still be around to parent, so I think I'm very fortunate."

Angels on the Road
You can go to and see Roma's schedule at various Christian bookstores across the country. "There's nothing nicer than going out and meeting people the length and breadth of the country. It's one of the most special things about being on TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL for those many years; going out and experiencing how it was touching and changing people's lives.

"I felt a calling to bring this message out to this age. You know they're like sponges, and anything taught them at this age will remain with them forever. It's a really great opportunity to connect the life lessons with beloved Bible stories and make it very current and relatable for this age range." At the end of each segment, Roma speaks directly to the camera and shares some of her own parenting tips and ways to deepen the messages. She also gives ideas about engaging children's imagination and increasing their faith with the lessons from the series.

Other related projects are in the works: a LITTLE ANGELS Bible that will be published next fall, toys, and maybe even a line of clothing for the young set. "It's a project I'm very proud of and passionate about," Roma said, "and maybe in the future we can do one for the next oldest group of children." But until then, she'll focus on this project and being a good mother to her own children.

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