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Courageous Expands to New Theaters This Weekend
Courageous Expands to New Theaters This Weekend

Courageous Expands to New Theaters This Weekend

With more than 1,100 theaters, COURAGEOUS is the widest release to date for Sherwood Pictures. But when compared to the 2,500-3,500 theaters that most big releases open in, it still is David in a world of Goliaths! 

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That's why we're excited that in addition to nearly all the theaters where it's been playing, 49 new theaters will also be showing COURAGEOUS beginning Friday. Just check the link to see if your town will now be showing the movie. Whether it's opening weekend for your town or the third week that it's playing, know that movies only stay in theaters as long as moviegoers are supporting it. Make plans to see COURAGEOUS this weekend ... while you can!

"Just got home from seeing this movie and wow! This should be required viewing for all men! This will probably be the third movie I have ever seen more than once in a theater, the others being Star Wars and Fireproof! I look forward to taking my son to see it real soon. Thanks!"

“Of course we’re humbled and gratified by the reception for COURAGEOUS,” Executive Producer and Sherwood Baptist Church Senior Pastor Michael Catt said. “But what really excites us is the chance to reach more people with the film’s vital message on families and fathering. As COURAGEOUS expands to new cities, we’re thankful for the opportunity to do that.”

Beginning this Friday, Oct. 14, COURAGEOUS will show in these new cities that have been asking for the movie:

Anchorage, Alaska   Tikahtnu Stadium 16   
Tucson, Ariz.   Harkins Spectrum 18    
Burbank, Calif.   Media Center 8  
Rancho Mirage, Calif.   River Cinema 15  
Watsonville, Calif.   Green Valley 8  
Brighton, Colo.   Brighton Stadium 12  
Durango, Colo.   Gaslight Twin  
Lakewood, Colo.   Century 16 Belmar  
Rehoboth Beach, Del.   Midway 14
New Smyrna Beach, Fla.  Beacon 12  
Pace, Fla.   Ridge Cinema 8  
Roswell, Ga.   Aurora Cineplex 10  
Cherokee, Iowa   American Theatre  
Carroll, Iowa   Carroll 5 Cinemas  
Centerville, Iowa   Lake Center 4  
Muscatine, Iowa   Plaza 4 Theatres  
Mason City, Iowa   Cinema West 10  
Ottumwa, Iowa   Ottumwa 8 Theatre  
Carbondale, Ill.   University Place 8  
Sandwich, Ill.   Wow 7 Cinema  
Elkhart, Ind. Encore   Park 14  
Portage, Ind.   Portage 16  
Huntington, Ind.   Huntington 7 
Greenfield, Ind.   Legacy 9  
Broussard, La.   Celebrity 10

Ocean City, Md.   Sun & Surf 8
Augusta, Maine   Cinema 10
Marquette, Mich.   Royal Cinema 10
Ypsilanti, Mich.   Rave Ann Arbor 20
Concord. N.C.   Carolina Mall 8
Kernersville, N.C.   Countryside 3

Albemarle, N.C.   Eastgate 5

Hooksett, N.H.   Cinemagic
New Brunswick, N.J.   New Brunswick 18
Espanola, N.M.   Dream Catcher
Las Vegas, Nev.   Santa Fe Station 16
Lakewood, N.Y.   Cinema 8
Oneida, N.Y.   Movieplex 9
New Hartford, N.Y.   Orchard 14
Wooster, Ohio   Movies 10
State College, Pa.   Premiere College 9
Del Rio, Texas   Movies 8
Kingsville, Texas   Rio 7 Cinemas
Galax, Va. Twin   County 3
Redmond, Wash. Bella   Bottega 11
Oshkosh, Wis.   Cinema 10
Bluefield, W.V.   Cinemas 8
Elkins, W.V.   Elkins Cinema 8

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