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Do You Have "Writers' Block?"

Advent Film Group [COME WHAT MAY] does. And they want your help!

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WRITERS' BLOCK is a new Christian film that tells the classic tale of an unlikely friendship in 1940s Hollywood. A once-great screenwriter, Stu Harvey, and the bumbling new kid in town, Chip Leninskovich, must hash out a feature-length screenplay in just seventeen hours.

A conflict soon erupts between modern film and old-time values, cynicism and faith...As their own morals are tested by temptation and seeming betrayal, Stu and Chip discover they have more in common than they thought, but will the writers' budding friendship survive the night?

Interrupting the writers throughout their ordeal, studio coworkers and enemies impose their ideas on the burgeoning script. Diva director Forrest Woods, glamorous actress Elaine Gibson, philosophical guards Frank and Henry, and Stu's ex-flame Agnes DeMint inject comic relief as they further complicate the writers' journey.

WB advocates for good morals in storytelling. It has plenty of heart and humor, without resorting to raunchy and juvenile antics so common in today's "buddy stories." Instead, WRITERS' BLOCK centers on the issues of trust and respect between the main characters and how they treat each other. It's about losing self-respect [and respect for others] when one becomes untrustworthy, and the gain of respect when trust is restored. This is a universal theme that is resonant and timeless.

Ultimately, WRITERS' BLOCK reveals that God is present in all good and honest stories because He is the source of goodness, truth, and beauty.

Advent Film Group is look for prayer and financial support, as well as props from the 40s and 50s and housing for the cast and crew. The film is not completely cast, so they are also auditioning right now.

Click HERE to go to the WRITERS' BLOCK website and get more information.

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