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"Indescribable" Begins Production in Texas
"Indescribable" Begins Production in Texas

"Indescribable" Begins Production in Texas

Morning Star Productions is beginning production on a new feature-length Christian movie called INDESCRIBABLE in Texas (Yes, even in the midst of July heat and humidity).

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Morning Star is a non-profit organization whose mission with this movie is to encourage young people with practical ways to love God and other people.

About the film
INDESCRIBABLE tells the story of the hymn "The Love of God" through the eyes of the author's 10-year-old son. Through the excitement of the Great War, the challenges of financial difficulties and renegade Crusader violence, INDESCRIBABLE spans eight centuries to bring a timeless story of the love of God to young people today.

For more information, visit the Morning Star website [Click HERE].

Watch the teaser trailer below

Paul, Apostle of Christ
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Paul, Apostle of Christ
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