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New DVD Ratings Added to Dove Seal
New DVD Ratings Added to Dove Seal

New DVD Ratings Added to Dove Seal

Source - Press Release

The Dove Foundation recently unveiled two new seals designed to assist people looking for Christian-themed movies on DVD.

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Dick Rolfe, Dove CEO, said, "We've received requests from many Christian retailers to develop more informative labels that identify movies with spiritual themes and messages." In response to that, and in cooperation with a team of retailers and suppliers, Dove created two new specialty seals to accompany its familiar blue and white Dove Family Approved Seal; one labeled "Faith Friendly" and another labeled "Faith Based."

Effective July 1, the gold Faith-Friendly and purple Faith-Based seals will be added to the Dove lineup so Christians can know more about what's in the movie.

The Dove review team decides which seal is appropriate depending on the presence of a spiritual theme in the story. Another issue is the nature of immorality, if any, portrayed in a Christian film. "We recognize that in some instances it can be difficult to show the power of redemption without depicting some unsavory behavior," said Rolfe. "The question is how much is enough or too much.

"It is our hope that these new seals will effectively communicate to customers more information about the movies they choose," concluded Rolfe.

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