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Actor Jeffrey S.S. Johnson on His Role in "Letters to God"
Actor Jeffrey S.S. Johnson on His Role in "Letters to God"

Actor Jeffrey S.S. Johnson on His Role in "Letters to God"

Interview courtesy of the Letters to God website

In the movie Letters to God (in theaters in April), Jeffrey S.S. Johnson plays Brady McDaniels, a postal carrier whose life is impacted by a young boy whose letters give him insight into faith and a relationship with God.

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How did you hear about the film Letters to God?
Jeffrey:        I heard about it just because it was an audition.  It wasn't 'til later I knew much about David (Nixon, the director) and Possibility Pictures.
Why did you get involved with the project?

Jeffrey:        To tell the truth, it was just a job at first.  But it became so much more with every step along the way.

Jeffrey on SetHow has the experience affected you?

Jeffrey:    It's pretty rare that an actor in my position gets to be involved in something so personally moving and gratifying.  I'm just a gun for hire, so to speak.  So, when I get the opportunity to tell such a delicate and inspired story, and make so many wonderful friends while doing it, it's really one in a million.  I thank God for the chance to make something so beautiful.

 Do you have a specific favorite moment from being part of this movie?

Jeffrey:        Too many to list.  I will say that often times, when I had to dig deep emotionally, I would recall a dear friend of mine who recently passed away, too soon gone, and she would help me get to it.  I miss her dearly and was grateful to have her "co-direct".

What else would you like to share from the heart?

Jeffrey:        Tanner & I were talking on set one day, and I tried to illustrate to him the importance of something like this.  Sure, a gig is a gig, but to be involved with a piece of art that will affect people and affect the world in a good, hopeful, loving way, well, that's rare.  I told Tanner, (or "Tiger", as I took to calling him,) that 30 years down the road he'll be able to look back on this experience with profound honor.  I know I do already.

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