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Movie Reviews From A Christian Perspective
Our growing list of reviews cover a wide range of films for you to review before watching them. With so much to choose from out there, who has the time to figure out what is worth watching and what isn't?

Our hope in providing these reviews is that they will help you choose films suitable for you and your family, create opportunities for discussion, and give you insight from multiple perspectives.

For the Theatrical Releases, our hope is that you can use these films and the Christian perspective review as a pre-evangelism tool to begin conversations with friends who need to hear about the love and redemption of Jesus Christ.

Who are our reviewers?

Below is a list of all reviews with the most recent ones listed first.

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Storks: Fun for the Whole Flock See more reviews by Jacob Sahms
Storks may be the best narrative animated film of the summer. Even if it's releasing in September!
The Longest Road: Shining a Light on ISIS See more reviews by Jacob Sahms
The Longest Road is the story of how a group of strangers came together to shine a light on what was going on in the Middle East, through humanitarian...
My Many Sons: Do Our Actions Back Up Our Words See more reviews by Jacob Sahms
Coach Don Meyer tells his players that "life is made up of relationships," but the biopic shows that the coach's style didn't always convey his core b...
Voiceless: What Would Force You to Take a Stand? See more reviews by Jacob Sahms
In Pat Necerato's film Voiceless, Jesse moves to the Philadelphia neighborhood where his wife grew up. He helps launch a community center through the ...
A Miracle in Spanish Harlem: Finding Wonder and Joy See more reviews by Jacob Sahms
Sporting a Hispanic ensemble cast of actors you've seen before, A Miracle in Spanish Harlem delivers a heartfelt Christmas narrative about a convenien...
By War & By God: Back to Vietnam See more reviews by Jacob Sahms
What does war do to a man? For several soldiers who survived the American combat in Vietnam, war changed them absolutely but not in the ways they coul...
Stained Glass Rainbows: Aiming at Dialogue See more reviews by Jacob Sahms
Kent Williamson found himself struggling with the way he was hearing Christians talk about homosexuality so he began interviewing people on every side...
Hillsong Let Hope Rise: Worship is a Family Affair See more reviews by Jacob Sahms
After a few delays, Hillsong: Let Hope Rise, the story of the worship band from Hillsong Church in Australia is arriving in theaters on September 16. ...
In-Lawfully Yours: A Tangled Web See more reviews by Jacob Sahms
In-Lawfully Yours is a winding tale of moral ambiguity and infidelity that tracks one family's internal implosion, resulting in the birth of newfound ...
To Joey, With Love: In the Face of Tragedy, Love Grows See more reviews by Jacob Sahms
Joey + Rory was a musical force to be reckoned with as the 2010 Academy of Country Music Top New Vocal Duo. But in 2014, Joey was diagnosed with cervi...
Displaying 11 to 20 (of 936 reviews) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>] 
Heaven's War
5 of 5 Stars!
Heaven's War
To scary for young kids, but great for teens and parents. Great action and look at spiritual warfare!... [read more]
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