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Reviews by Greg Wright

Greg Wright

Greg Wright is Managing Editor of both Past the Popcorn and Hollywood Jesus.  An ordained pastor, Greg is the author of Tolkien In Perspective: Sifting the Gold from the Glitter (2003) and Peter Jackson in Perspective: The Power Behind Cinema’s The Lord of the Rings (2004).  A widely-known lecturer on Tolkien, Lewis, film, and fantasy, Greg resides in the Seattle area with his precious wife Jenn and their two cats, Grynne and Bearrett.

You can find a complete archive of Greg’s movie reviews at Past the Popcorn, and his extensive online work relating to The Lord of the Rings resides at Hollywood Jesus.  Greg’s books are available through HJ Books and most online bookstores.

Below is a list of movie reviews with the most recent ones listed first.

Current Reviews
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Your Love Never Fails is Sweetly Charming and Predictable See more reviews by Greg Wright
Generally, I like to be films. Still, every once in a while it's fun to watch a film that just about delivers what you're expecting.
Tron: Legacy is a Chip Off the Block - For Good or Ill See more reviews by Greg Wright
TRON: LEGACY is well-intentioned but the storyline is overly cute and contrived and simple-minded.
What If Is a Pretty Wonderful Film See more reviews by Greg Wright
Heaven's Rain Is a Personal Nightmare and Beautiful Art See more reviews by Greg Wright
HEAVEN'S RAIN may be the only film Brooks Douglass has ever wanted to make, because it's his story.
Get Low Is Well-Aged but Not Cheesy See more reviews by Greg Wright
I enjoyed GET LOW about as much as any Duvall picture I've ever seen, and I’ve seen many. And I think Duvall fans will feel the same way, as well.
Eyewitness to Jesus Can't Be Pinned Down See more reviews by Greg Wright
If you're into light archaeological fare, you might enjoy this documentary, but don't swallow everything it offers without doing some of your own read...
Comedy: The Road Less Traveled - Go Out of Your Way to Find It See more reviews by Greg Wright
"Comedy: The Road Less Traveled" is "Christian" at its best, no matter what that adjective is applied to.
Mrs. Miracle Misses the Mark See more reviews by Greg Wright
If "Mrs. Miracle" had centered more on Reba and Seth's relationship, I would have been fairly happy with this film.
Vision Celebrates Communication with God See more reviews by Greg Wright
"Vision" holds its audience's attention with its sumptuousness of story and depth and quality of performances.
The Sound of Music Bottles Lightning See more reviews by Greg Wright
The best thing that "The Sound of Music" does, of course, is communicate that very passionate conviction that art is somehow sacred.
Displaying 31 to 40 (of 142 reviews) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>] 
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