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Cinema in Focus Movie Reviews

Good cinema, we believe, is not just entertaining, but is most often the presentation of people struggling with the deeper issues of life. These struggles are universal. The framing of the struggles with descriptions and solutions is the genius of the cinematographer. Whether people are avid movie buffs, or just occasionally view a film on television, the fact is that the movies today impact the values throughout the world in a way never before possible. This impact permeates the very fabric of our families, culture, and society. To be a thoughtful citizen today requires knowing and discussing the values that are being viewed by all of us through this medium.

It is our desire for the reader to explore with us each week the values portrayed in contemporary films, to be drawn into discussions about the deeper experiences of life. We provide a subjective commentary on a variety of current films in an attempt to stimulate this conversation.

Using a system of four stars, we rate the films based on its impact on family values, community life, and spiritual development.

Dr. Denny Wayman is Senior Pastor of the Free Methodist Church of Santa Barbara since 1976. A Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Counseling, Rev. Wayman brings the training of both theology and psychology to the cinematic experience. During his graduate education at both Asbury Seminary (MDiv) and Fuller Seminary (DMin) Dr. Wayman studied film and its impact on a culture.

* THE CHURCH AS A JUST, REDEEMING COMMUNITY written by Denny at Asbury Seminary

Hal Conklin is the President of the California Center for Civic Renewal. He served in local government office for 18 years, including Mayor of the City of Santa Barbara, California, President of the California League of Cities in Sacramento, California, and Vice President of the National League of Cities in Washington DC. In his business life, he serves as the Director of Public Affairs for the Southern California Edison Company.

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Cinema In Focus has been published since 1995 and is a resource for newspapers, magazines, journals, universities and film schools around the world.

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Current Reviews
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INSIDE MAN 3 Stars – Challenging See more reviews by Cinema In Focus
Similar to an episode of “Mission Impossible,” Spike Lee’s story of the “Inside Man” is not what it appears. It appears ...
FAILURE TO LAUNCH 2 Stars – Shallow See more reviews by Cinema In Focus
The economic and social phenomenon of grown children living at home with their parents is the premise of Tom Dey’s “Failure to Launch.” Explore...
EIGHT BELOW 3 Stars - Wholesome See more reviews by Cinema In Focus
The responsibility we have to care for animals is one of the first commands given to us by God. When this responsibility is seen at its best, it not ...
NANNY McPHEE 3 Stars – Wholesome See more reviews by Cinema In Focus
It is unusual for a whole family of children to act out at the same time. Usually there is one child who puts the family’s grief or pain into expre...
END OF THE SPEAR 4 Stars – Inspiring See more reviews by Cinema In Focus
The sacrificial love of Jesus Christ compels His people to go into all the world and love as He loved. This love often takes His people into dangerou...
THE NEW WORLD 3 Stars – Challenging See more reviews by Cinema In Focus
While it may be true to lay a mantel of religious motives on the Pilgrim’s landing at Plymouth Rock, it is important to remember that others were co...
GLORY ROAD 3 Stars – Thoughtful See more reviews by Cinema In Focus
For anyone born after the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement, the story of “Glory Road” might seem hard to believe. But, for those of us that lived t...
LAST HOLIDAY 3 Stars – Wholesome See more reviews by Cinema In Focus
What would you do with your life if you knew that you only had three weeks to live? Would you turn inward and try to get your affairs in order? Or w...
MUNICH 3 Stars – Challenging See more reviews by Cinema In Focus
There are few films which are as effective in demonstrating the inadequacy of vengeance as is Steven’s Spielberg’s “Munich.” Spielberg explor...
MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA 3 Stars – Challenging See more reviews by Cinema In Focus
Commenting on a culture of which we have never been a part is not without its pitfalls. Nevertheless, “Memoirs of a Geisha” gives us a glimpse in...
Displaying 1 to 10 (of 76 reviews) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>] 
5 of 5 Stars!
Loved this movie. A breath of fresh air to the Christen movie seen. Very well done. Great plot. Men raising up and... [read more]
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